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From day one (April 2005) we set out to lend voice to a subdued creative class of Richmond. RVA has succeeded in creating a brand that searches out the best artists, ideas, events, bands, photographers and culture-jammers Richmond has to offer and gives them a platform for exhibition that "gets" them.

Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steelmaking. --Richard Florida, economist and author

In a city best known for it's role in the Civil War (insert eye-rolling here,) the battle to be bigger than our past has been formidable. For generations, city leaders have banked on the faded silver of dubious honors - Capital of the Confederacy etc, and ignored the 21st (and 20th) centuries.

With world-class schools such as VCU growing organically on their own record of excellence, media giants like the Martin Agency cementing their footprint in our cobblestones, and Fortune 100 companies relocating to attract the hordes of creatives emerging here, Richmond is exploding. New construction and development is rampant in heretofore decaying downtown retail and nightlife centers.

City government has aligned itself to a more liberal, open-minded culture of inclusion and exploration. Much like Brooklyn in the late nineties and Silverlake/Echo Park in the early aughties, entire neighborhoods are being overhauled to keep up with the influx of wealthy young professionals with entertainment and fashion needs. Lofts, marinas, from-scratch entertainment districts, clubs, music venues and galleries have been sprouting like weeds, offering the promise of a sustainable population more likely to relocate to New York or Los Angeles in years past. Cultural optimism is at a high and only growing more intense.


Volume 3 Issue 7

Paper Tigers

Strange things hide behind the boundaries of space and knowledge. With Halloween crouching around the dark corners of time, we take you into the shadows and illuminate the depths. Find lost art in the unexplored recesses of the Cabell Library, visit the undead specter of Sound Of Music recording studios, and lurch through the streets with the strange gait of the Bread And Puppets Theater. Langdon Graves disarms your comfort zone defense systems, and Bill Plympton flattens old ladies with steam rollers. We discuss the esoteric teachings of apocalyptic art, and illustrate the deformities of the human condition with Tyler Thomas. As for horror holiday festivities, we review Rob Zombie’s Halloween, give you a creepy mix of music to play at your haunted keg party, explore Wilder’s disturbing relationship with City Hall, and a host a rundown of the infamous RVA Halloweek. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Volume 3 Issue 6

Think Big, Walk Tall

We get it. You’re broke. You’re tired of your music collection residing primarily in the virtual playground of Myspace band pages and Pandora playlists. Fear not, you junkies of deliberate sound. Smooth the furrowed brow of your CD collection’s withdrawal, and nod your heads to this: our new, free mix CD of the best and brightest of RVA’s music scene, Combination Dinner #1. In other news, we bring the resistance to the foreground with Capoeira Resistencia, and an interview with Palestinian independence activist, Thomas H. Read all about the Performing Arts Center, brought to you by corrupt political maneuvering, and by the way, welcome to VCU, now behave like a human fucking being (here’s how) and we’ll all get along fine. The Quirk Gallery pushes their Tables To Walls, artist J. Pocklington interviews himself, and we take you on a whirlwind tour of the Southeast with Google Earth before hitting the road with Concise records. Reminisce of glories past and reflect on the present with Fun Size and the Pink Razors, and then talk some positive shit about Souvenir’s Young America and Duchess Of York. Also, Rumor’s guide to Fall fashion, and hot chicks with raw meat…now that’s high fashion.