BOUNCE 014 DJ BEATDOWN "Bass in your Face" Vol. 1

Posted by: john – Sep 26, 2009

Tastemakers Reinhold and Jennings bring you BOUNCE, our showcase of the best in local and regional deejays sets.

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BOUNCE 014 DJ BEATDOWN "Bass in your Face" Vol. 1

Beatdown is PLF's resident Baltimore Dj, brining his hard hitting style here to RVA's Bounce for the first time. There are many reasons to love listening to a set from Dale (Dj Beatdown), you know... there is just something that is so right about a Dj from Baltimore Maryland playing music that makes people move their asses. And you will find Beatdown hitting that heavy electro, yes he throws the Baltimore club down for sure, but you will find tasty treats from every style that is hard hitting and in your face. Did I mentioned BASS - just to clarify:

Bass (pronounced /ˈbeɪs/ as in base), when used as an adjective, is used to describe tones of low frequency or range. Played in an ensemble/orchestra, such notes are frequently used to provide a counterpoint or counter-melody, in a harmonic context either to outline or juxtapose the progression of the chords, or with percussion to underline the rhythm. In popular music the bass part most often provides harmonic and rhythmic support, usually playing the root or fifth of the chord and stressing the strong beats. Music players are generally considered better quality if the bass notes can be heard clearly and loudly, as many music players operate with a high level of treble and minimum bass.

Beatdown does not relent on you, he does not care about your poor soul and tiny ear drums. This is Dj Beatdown bitches, so you get what you deserve. Turn the bass up and don't cry....

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Message from Beatdown:

Just a little tidbit about myself here. I began my journey in music about 9 years ago, when I got my first bass guitar. After that I began singing and playing guitar and percussion instruments, was in a few rock bands here and there. 5 years ago I began DJing and became Beatdown. To me, Beatdown is a persona of loud intense party music at the peak hour of a party. I live in Baltimore Maryland, which as been very conducive to this persona. I like hard pumping Electro and Fidget house, and in your face Baltimore club music. You can check me out as a resident DJ for the Party Liberation Front in RVA or you can hit me up anytime on myspace.com/thedjbeatdown .


1. Herve - Mars exclusive re-fix
2. Rico Tubbs - Hip Rave Anthem (Original mix)
3. Calvertron- Doggy Style
4. Calvertron- Car Theif
5. Majestic MC vs. Calvertron - Gimmie Da Mic (Will Baily Remix)
6. Doc Trashz - Turn it up (Doc Fidget Mix)
7. Aniki Zodiac Calvertron - We Dont Play That (Anikis Playground Mix)
8. MIC Perri. Calevertron - Have a Nice Day (Vocal Mix)
9. Aniki - Hip Hop Thrilla (B. Rich Remix)
10. Faust, Shortee - Keep it Coming
11. B. Rich - Bump feat. Sue Cho (Whiskey Pete Mix)
12. Lee Mortimer, Foamo - Its Going Down
13. Philip De Boyar, Lars Moston - So Sick (Original Mix)
14. Detboi - Yall Want Mo (Original Mix)

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Cover Art by: Valerie Schwartz