BOUNCE 031 Reinhold's "CHEESE WHIZ" Mix

Posted by: john – Sep 29, 2010

Well here we go again, and Im back with my wildest mix to date.. Cheese Whiz!

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BOUNCE 031 Reinhold's "CHEEZE WHIZ" Mix

Welcome to the Cheese Whiz mix! Honestly this mix is just so silly, I fell over laughing a few times while recording it. Its a little out of the norm than what I would usually spin live. However, I got an idea In my head to do a concept album of sorts ... and I went with it.

It is my hope that it will make you laugh, and at times bang your head while pumping your fist in the air! I start it off with a 1970's Spainsh Cheese Whiz commercial (below), which of course is pretty appropriate opening for all this cheese. This mix is full of songs that are classics that we love/hate and are in many ways guilty pleasures, and then there are just some killer tracks in here as well. In this mix I go from AD/DC mix to Sandstorm directly into Zombie Nation. Did I mention Bon Jovi? Now, I completely take the blame for all this, and because of it I went ahead and poured Cheese Whiz all over my face - as you can see! Im sure I will put up the whole photo shoot for it soon for you to check out online - and you can have fun laughing at me and the ridiculous mess that it made. Well I hope you enjoy listening to Cheese Whiz, and If you stick around to the end you will hear the famed "Meow!" song that I rarely get to play - its always good for a laugh.

Much thanks,
Reinhold - PLF/RVA

Special thanks goes out to Todd Raviotta (Photo), Conway Jennings, and Tony Harris (design) for their help on this mix.


Cheez Whiz de Kraft - commercial 1985 - Venezuela (link below)
A Team Theme (Twin Pack Voxx Remix)
Its Bigger than Hip Hop - WTF vs Dead Prez - Sidney Samson
SHOTS, to the Heart - (LMFAO VS Lil Jon vs Bon Jovi)
Thunderstruck (Crookers Mix)
Sandstorm Original Mix DaRude
Zombie Nation (Sport Chant Remix) - Kernkraft 400
ZOMBIES! - Designer Drugs
I Got My Eye On You feat. Luciana (Chuckie Remix)
How Low (Cobra Krames Club Remix)
Rage Against The Machine vs Laid Back Luke
Back With an 808 - Sharp
Finally - DJ Falk Ibiza Edit
Sexy Bitch - Guetta feat. Akon (Chuckie Lil Jon Remix)
Pump Up The Jam - Crowd Is Jumpin Mix
Sirens - Original Mix (more Sirens!!!) - Detboi
What Is Love 2K9 - Klaas Impact Mix Edit
Animal - Fake Blood Remix
Mr. Jack - Original Mix - Luna City Express
World Wide Party (Hoxton Whore mix) Cold As Ice (Dubstep mix) - Specimen A
Meow Meow - Original Mix & Outro - High Rankin

Bio -
John Reinhold has played with many talented Dj's and producers, and is constantly inspired by those around him. Here is a short list: Mr. Jennings (PLF), COBRA KRAMES, VIBESQUAD, Elliot Lipp, DESIGNER DRUGS, Doddie (Audio Ammo), Dj Mir, Jackie O, Tiki, Lee Mayjahs (PEX), Dj Everyday (PEX), Michael Nighttime (PLF), Akasha (PLF), Beatdown (PLF), Aline Nuntez, Bobby LaBeat (Audio Ammo), Jessie Split, Joanna O, Nigel Richards, Justin Paul (PEX, Playloop), Dave Hughes (PEX, Playloop), Long Jawns (Audio Ammo), Throwdown, Phil the Viking, Nosaj Thing, John Q, MASS FX, Schizo Dj, EPOC, and Dj Vic Vic.




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