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Hello reader! This week I got the opportunity to talk with the one and only King Bach, aka Andrew Bachelor. You may recognize him from wherever the entertainment business is in our lives. He got started doing standup and Vine videos, then moved on to commercials, and now to movies and TV shows for Hulu (Vacation Friends) and Netflix (Sneakerheads). Bach stays busy in as many lanes as he can, but he’s dedicated this year to standup, which is why he’s hitting Sandman Comedy Club with four shows this weekend — two Friday and two Saturday. We caught up to talk about his influences, his schedule, and his love for entertainment. Here’s our conversation:

Gabe: Thanks for doing this. You’re one of the busiest guys in show business right now. How is it juggling all that stuff?

KB: Oh, man. It’s going good. You know, just getting it all done. One step at a time. One day at a time. One stage at a time.

Gabe: Let’s start from way back when. You obviously got your name out there through Vine. Did you ever think that was going to be a big career move, or were you just having fun?

KB: Yeah, back when I first started, I just looked at it as something I was just having fun doing. You know, just killing the days just to create. I love creating. I love creating content. So that’s kind of what I fell in love with.

Gabe: You’ve had some big moments and your career kicked into high gear fast. I’m curious about what was strategic and calculated, and what was an opportunity that just sprung up.

KB: It was all just random occurrences. I’m a big believer in fate and destiny. My main thing was to do entertainment, and comedy. Comedy acting and standup comedy. And I didn’t know how to get into it. So I just kept on trying to figure out the right way to get into it. And this one door opened up. And the next door opened up, and it just kept on going.

Gabe: It has certainly worked out. You’re getting tons of movie roles now. I saw you in something on Hulu. You were playing someone’s brother-in-law or something —

KB: Vacation Friends on Hulu.

Gabe: Vacation Friends! That was a fun movie. Did you go straight into acting, or did you take any classes?

KB: Oh, yeah, I definitely took acting classes for a while. I went to New York Film Academy, I did the master’s program, so I was doing a serious acting for, like, two years.

Gabe: Nice. It shows. How long have you been doing standup comedy for?

KB: I’ve been doing standup for about twelve years now.

Gabe: Oh shit. I didn’t realize, honestly. I know you from the internet more, so I didn’t know if you had transitioned to standup after getting internet success, or you had been doing it the whole time. So, what do you like about standup that you can’t get from other art forms?

KB: What I really like about standup is the instant gratification of telling a joke and getting the feedback instantly. Because when you do the internet video, it’s cool, but you don’t really know. You’ll see the comments, like laughing emojis, but you don’t really know what’s funny until you tell it in front of a person that’s literally staring you in the face.

Gabe: Exactly. When a punchline hits right, it feels amazing. On the other side of the spectrum, when it doesn’t hit, it just feels horrible.

KB: Right. A hundred percent. [laughs]

Gabe: What do you like to zone in on with your standup?

KB: I just like the audience to get to know me better. The videos and stuff are cool, but no one really knows me and what I’m about. So the standup is really a way to peel back those layers.

Gabe: What’s your life like nowadays? Do you get any rest? Do you sleep? Is there any time for yourself?

KB: Yeah, I don’t really get a lot of time to rest or sleep. I’m always on the go, but I enjoy it. It’s a passion of mine and I enjoy every minute of it. So, it’s cool. This year is all the standup tour.

Gabe: So, this year is dedicated to standup. You think, are you doing, like, any filming in between the times? I know you have a crazy schedule, but have you ever thought about recording a special?

KB: Yeah. Maybe at some point soon. Tape one of the shows and really get after it, you know.

Gabe: Dope. When you were growing up, what was stuff that made you laugh? It could be anything. A comedian, a sitcom, a relative…

KB: [pauses for thought] Eddie Murphy: Raw, Eddie Murphy: Delirious, Jim Carrey. Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx. Will Smith — Fresh Prince [of Bel-Air]. The list goes on and on. It’s like, there’s so many inspirations.

Gabe: We were so spoiled in the 90’s.

KB: Yeah, man.

King Bach can be seen pretty much anywhere a screen is available. He’s non-stop and shows no signs of slowing down. And this weekend he can be seen, live and in the flesh, at Richmond’s own Sandman Comedy Club. He’s bringing the funny, and you don’t want to miss it. Four shows at the corner of Grace and 4th starting Friday, September 23, and ending with a late-night show Saturday, September 24. Be sure to get there early for food and beverages. Tickets can be purchased at Sandman Comedy Club’s website.

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