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Under the Richmond Sky: Friday Cheers 2024 Kickoff Photos

We covered the country twang kickoff of Friday Cheers' new season on Brown's Isle in Downtown Richmond and was treated to a truly magical evening. The event, captured through the lens of local photographer Noah Autry, featured stirring performances by Bella White and...

X-COPS Are Beautiful, Too

Satire is a dish best served hot. There is no safe space from it. In fact, its very existence defines the nexus where humor hits nerve. Its side-eye is trained on those too squeamish to look this world directly in its conjuntivitic eyes. We’ve got problems. Huge,...

Update on The Pharrell Movie Shooting in Richmond, VA

As we reported a few weeks ago, Pharrell and director Michel Gondry are coming to Richmond and now we have more information to share. As reported by The Virginian-Pilot, the production of a movie musical based on the childhood of Virginia Beach native Pharrell...

OTAKU PARTY! It’s Anime Night In Richmond

Grab your comfiest dancing shoes, anime fans; Anime Night is coming to town to help you dance the night away to your favorite jams from your favorite series. Founded by Evan Tuccarello, who also works as a concert promoter, Anime Night is a touring dance party. It's in the same vein as the popular Emo Night and Taylor Swift Night dance parties...

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Anime Night party at Canal Club by Ash Griffith

A Night At Strange Matter… I Mean Fuzzy Cactus

Here’s the scoop from the doorman at the Fuzzy Cactus last Friday — the opening local act, Gull, is not one to be missed, and the doorman, who is also a furniture designer/maker and a VCU grad named TJ Krivankec, was surprised that so many had missed it. The turnout was intimate on Brookland Park Blvd. last Saturday night. I arrived late, on a...

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fuzzy cactus by Kieran Cleary

Your Guide To ‘Something In The Water’ Festival This Weekend!

As the eagerly-awaited Something In The Water Festival triumphantly returns to Virginia Beach this weekend, attendees can look forward to a smorgasbord of high-energy music, interactive activities, and culinary delights. From April 28th to April 30th, the Oceanfront, stretching from 4th to 15th streets, will morph into a vibrant paradise for...

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Something In The Water 2023 by Pharrell

Pursuing the Art of Pure P.O.P. with Lobby Boy

As I write this, my favorite current band from Richmond is somewhere between Virginia and Texas, on their way to SXSW. I was lucky enough to catch Lobby Boy's sold-out show at The Camel late in February, along with Burning Sun, Drook, and Strawberry Moon. Arriving early afforded me an opportunity to chat with the band at the merch table. I'd...

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Lobby Boy, Miranda Jean