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The Kids Are Alright: Cristian Espinoza’s Street Life Photos

Cristian Espinoza has been capturing the essence of youth street life for some time, and his film photography provides a raw, authentic look into the underground and art culture of the DMV area. We had the opportunity to send him a few questions. R. Anthony Harris:...

Richmond’s Next Mayor? Get To Know Dr. Danny Avula

Here’s my conversation with Dr. Danny Avula, candidate for Mayor of Richmond VA. This completes the set of all my conversations with Richmond’s prospective Mayors for November 2024. One of these people is going to be leading the city next year. Who it’s going to be is...

Dystopian View of VCU’s Graduation Walkout

The Greater Richmond Convention Center has undoubtedly experienced more prosperous times. The recent walkout by Virginia Commonwealth University graduates highlighted a series of declining events in Richmond, marked by police confrontations during protests and the...

The Richmond Convention Scene Hit Warp Speed with GalaxyCon 2024!

Say whatever you will about the iconic William Shatner, but it cannot be denied that asking an 11-year-old if he ever thinks about death during a Q&A panel is pretty metal as hell. From a weekend of Shatner to new and expanded things to do, to the deafening screams of excitement in the panel for hit series Hazbin Hotel, 2024 undeniably...

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Galaxy Con 2024 by Ash Griffith_RVA Magazine 2024

A Guide to The Perfect Goth Date in Richmond

For those who dare to embrace the darker side of love, writer Lauren Vincelli unveils an array of gothic date spots across the city in time for Valentine's Day. From eerie matinees at Dracula ballets to sultry nights filled with sugar baby shopping sprees and clandestine graveyard rendezvous, enjoy your goth date the Richmond way. Daywalker:...

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In Time for Valentines! A Guide to The Perfect Goth Date in Richmond by Lauren Vincelli 2024

You Voted! Here Are Richmond’s Favorites Things in 2023

We asked and you responded with thousands of votes cast over 10 days. Thank you. Now, without further delay, we present the results of the Favorite Things Reader’s Poll 2023. Or before you jump in, you can take a look back at last year's results HERE. 👋 Also, if you would like to partner with us, we are currently offering advertising at 50%...

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Galfie: Spreading Love, Acceptance, and Queer Pride Through FLAGS

It's noon on a Friday. I'm sitting in Blanchard's on Broad Street, sipping a cappuccino and chatting with the founders of Galfie about life, love, queerness, and, of course, their business. Hannah and Jade Sullivan are partners not only in life but also in their flag company, Galfie. They're truly wonderful people. Galfie was conceived during...

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The 2021 End of Year RVA Swagathon Is Happening Now!

Tis the season for gift ideas, and over here at RVA Mag and GayRVA, we've got plenty of swag coming in the very near future, any and all of which would make a great gift for the independent media supporter in your life. You can represent Richmond VA (RVA) supporting local through our End of the Year RVA Swagathon by visiting...

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A Holiday 2020 Small Biz Gift Guide

Looking for small businesses to support with your gifting dollars? Look no further -- we've got what you need in this holiday gift guide. As a longtime resident of Richmond and lifelong lover of style, I’ve been so fortunate to have spent the last few years surrounded by creatives of all types. Though I myself am a writer, I most admire people...

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Still need to buy gifts? Shop local with some RVA Mag favorites

So the holidays are right around the corner and most people were smart and got all of their shopping out of the way early, but for some people, (like me) they leave most of their gift getting until th So the holidays are right around the corner and most people were smart and got all of their shopping out of the way early, but for some people,...

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