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Legislators Reject Youngkin’s Skill Games Limits

Will skill game machines resembling slot machines return to convenience stores? Not immediately, but legislators have set the stage for these machines to potentially make a comeback, should the Governor choose not to intervene. In a bipartisan measure, Democrats and...

RVA 5×5 DEEP DIVE | Bottom of the Ninth

NOTE: This is the first of a multi-part series over the next few weeks about the baseball stadium issue in Richmond.News came out this week about the new baseball stadium designs in the Diamond District, which is a sign of progress, but also a sign of trouble....

Matt Strickland and the Image of Strength He Must Demonstrate

Strickland Appeared before the Virginia Board of Elections “Buy the ticket, take the ride” is that old proverbial saying coined by Hunter S Thompson. I prefer the saying “take the ride, pay for the ticket. Now is almost the time for Matt Strickland to pay for the...

Richmond’s Next Mayor? Get to Know Garrett Sawyer

Today, I’m getting a drink with a politician. Coffeeshop, lunch spot, in-studio - those are perfectly fine places to get to know someone, but there’s nothing like a good whiskey to loosen up a conversation. Garrett Sawyer is meeting me at The Camel for happy hour on a...

Labor Peace or Lawsuits?

This piece is one in a series of opinion pieces by Jon Baliles about the proposed Richmond Grand Resort and Casino. You can read his other pieces HERE. The casino advocates made a big deal about their labor peace agreement that was reached with the Washington, D.C.-based hospitality union Unite Here 25 as well as with construction and trade...

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Paducah Kentucky District Courthouse Google Images 2023

Make It Impossible to Happen Again

This piece is one in a series of opinion pieces by Jon Baliles about the proposed Richmond Grand Resort and Casino. You can read his other pieces HERE. The Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Board and reporters sat down this week with the casino opponents who said the casino advocates “are using what amounts to sleight of hand to woo voters”...

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Make it Impossible to Happen Again Jon Baliles 2023

Resorts Like Airports

There has been a lot of boasting from the casino advocates about their partnership with Kentucky-based Churchill Downs, Inc. (CDI). The rebranded Richmond Grand casino developer Urban One is a radio and TV conglomerate that has said they are partnering with CDI because of their huge capitalization and experience with casinos. But let’s take a...

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Jon Bailies No Casino story 2023

Supreme Court’s Term Ends, Progressives Left in the Lurch

We've allowed a week to pass before addressing this, but the U.S. Supreme Court concluded its term last week, delivering a slew of momentous decisions that upset many of us who favor more progressive policies. This is hardly surprising, given that the Court has been exhibiting a rightward shift since Trump's era. It seems they've been...

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US Supreme Court decisions, RVA Mag 2023

Threads, the ‘Twitter Killer’? Why We’re Taking the Leap

As a seasoned magazine and an early bird on Twitter, we know first-hand how Twitter initially revolutionized the social media realm. It was great and we grew our audience because of it. However, navigating Twitter's complexities has become increasingly challenging over the years. Misinformation, coupled with the rise of anonymous trolls, the...

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Threads, Elon Musk and Twitter, image by Kimberly Frost

For A Free Iran

This past weekend volunteers, artists, and activists from Richmond gathered for a community mural event led by Woman Life Freedeom RVA to honor the lives lost and struggle for freedom happening in Iran. Photo by Matin Kordnavahsi The people in Iran, from the smallest religious rural town like Qom, to the big modernized cities like Tehran, have...

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Woman Life Freedom mural Richmond, VA