Richmond's 18th Annual Halloween Parade

tue31oct7:00 pmtue10:00 pmRichmond's 18th Annual Halloween Parade

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Come one, come all! 

All the Saints Theater Company proudly presents Richmond’s 18th Annual Halloween Parade. 

Join us in the spirit of tradition and community ritual to march through historic Oregon Hill. 

his year we celebrate with a Funeral March for Time. Meet us in Monroe Park, Tuesday, October 31st, 7pm Sharp!

This year we celebrate with a Funeral March for Time. 

Come in your own costume, your own puppet, or join all the saints by participating in carrying a puppet hand, a flag, or a sign! Please help us in the park get ready so we can start timely! Bring your friends and family and carry a puppet together! Or go to Oregon Hill and trick or treat with your littles, and watch or join the parade as we pass!

Time as we know it has been weaponized as a day to day, week to week, extraction of product rather than an exploration of our great small and present experience on Planet Earth. Billionaires, fossil fuel monsters, planet plastic, and late capitalism have been tick tock using our blood, muscle, and bones, our hearts and our creativity. 

Here we say: “Time is dead”, for the ‘Pillars of Creation’ that we see through the James Webb Telescope do not exist. They are 6,500 light years away, puppet monsters of stardust, we see now the ghost of our own origins, stardust, and energy. We, my beautiful peers in Richmond, we carry that stardust forward, we recognize that absurdism and then surrealism were born from the existential movement. We recognize that Time as we know it, just like gender and race, was created to serve a sense of order to feed the rich, and we protest by bringing JOY and PUPPETS to the street on All Hallow’s Eve to explore a reality where Time is dead and we are free. 

*This parade is in honor of my beautiful best friend Jonas Emanuel Fricke, who died unexpectedly this past March. He knew time was not linear, he knew we are all all, and whatever is ours to own: 

“Time machine, your heart is a time machine, beating with everything, counting with everything. Oh sturdy crux, your heart is a sturdy crux, there is no turning back, ohhhh. Oh time machine, beating with everything, counting everything. oh sturdy with anything, your heart is a sturdy crux, your past is fractured in memory pasts. oh time machine, and now is the time and now is the time and now is the time and now is always now.” -Jonas Fricke (if not I then who then?)

Thank you for sharing this annual tradition with All the Saints. 

We wouldn’t be here without you!

Here’s a Halloween Parade walk down pre-COVID memory lane:

Please consider chipping in a few bones to support the production of this year’s parade:



October 31, 2023 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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