Prominent Racist, Anti-LGBTQ 14-Term Republican Congressman Calls It Quits

by | Nov 12, 2019 | QUEER RVA

Despite Republican Peter King’s notoriously discriminatory record, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer had nothing but praise for the long-running anti-LGBTQ Congressman — which didn’t sit well with a lot of Democrats.

The GOP mass exodus just picked up another major figure. Prominent and powerful U.S. Rep. Peter King, Republican of New York, has announced his retirement after 14 terms. King, who was twice chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, says he will not seek re-election.

King is the 20th House Republican who will not seek re-election.

Congressman King is a frequent guest on all the major cable television shows. A strong supporter of President Trump, he included in his statement Monday, “I intend to vote against President Trump’s impeachment and will support the President’s bid for re-election.”

King serves the people of New York’s 2nd congressional district, which includes densely-populated section of Long Island. The district was strongly Democratic, voting for Barack Obama twice, and for John Kerry and Al Gore over George W. Bush. But in 2016 King’s constituents voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, 53–44%.

Rep. King, a powerful Republican who twice served as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, also has a record of ugly racism, anti-Islam attacks, pandering to the lowest forms of bigotry, and serving the powerful by demeaning minorities and the poor.

King last year defended ICE in the wake of the deaths of two migrant children. He also likened NFL athletes quietly protesting police violence and killing of Black people to giving a Nazi salute. And he declared there are “too many mosques” in America.

The Congressman from Long Island defended NYPD officers in the killing of Eric Garner, saying if the man who was placed in a chokehold (which violates police policy) had not been “obese,” he would not have died – while at the same time saying “police had no reason to know that he was in serious condition.”

King hunkered down to protect the moneyed interests, attacking the grassroots viral phenomenon known as Occupy Wall Street, calling it a “ragtag mob” of “anarchists.” He warned if the movement were given any “legitimacy” it could go on to have an impact on shaping policy. “We can’t allow that to happen,” he said, despite it having significant support across the country.

That’s just a brief and recent history of Congressman King’s remarks – his policy stances are an entirely different, albeit disturbing matter. He’s voted against the right of marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, and voted against banning anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

And there’s a lot more too, over his 28 years in Congress.

Democrats are now hoping to flip the district, which just moved slightly left to “lean Republican” after King’s announcement.

And yet, here’s Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, whitewashing – or at least, ignoring or excusing – King’s abysmal record (and by tweeting from a right wing news source.) Senator Schumer’s “kind” words come just days before Trump’s public impeachment inquiry hearings – an impeachment King said in his retirement announcement he will vote against.

Here’s how some are responding:

Written by David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement. Image via NCRM

New Civil Rights Movement

New Civil Rights Movement

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