Thank you to everyone who participated in our voting this year. It’s our first time compiling such a catalog, and it’s truly been great to see the enthusiastic response with so many votes and shares.

Also, we can’t help but admire the incredible talent in our community. Musicians and artists are not only showcasing their own work but are also actively supporting and promoting each other. This collaborative spirit is what strengthens our community bond and lays the foundation for growth in 2024.

Again, a big thank you to everyone involved. Now, let’s take a look at the results.

Or, before you jump in, you can take a look back at last year’s results HERE.

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WINNER! D’Angelo

Introducing a Hall of Fame category in Richmond might raise eyebrows. But let’s make it clear — it’s not about pitting artists against each other or claiming one is better than the other. Instead, it’s a recognition of their immense contributions to the cultural tapestry of Richmond. The list stands as both a reminder and an educational tool, offering a glimpse into our city’s rich musical heritage. While it doesn’t encompass everyone who’s ever graced our city with music, it’s an excellent starting point for those curious about Richmond’s musical journey. And for the curious that journey begins right HERE.

That said, it’s only fitting that Grammy-winning, Richmond-born D’Angelo emerges as our musical hero. He’s always proudly proclaimed his roots, a quality we admire. His music resonates deeply with the soul of our town, characterized by a soulful, authentic style that’s undeniably his own. Richmond takes immense pride in having D’Angelo as one of our own.

As we look ahead to the remainder of 2024, we can’t help but ask, D’Angelo, can we expect some new music and perhaps get an exclusive interview? Asking for a friend.

2nd: GWAR
3rd: Lucy Dacus
4th: The Head & The Heart
5th: Pat Benatar


Mastering the art of rap is one feat, but attaining the level of respect within the community that O-Z has achieved is an entirely different accomplishment. His tracks serve as vivid narratives of life in the city, forging a deep and personal connection with his audience. Yet, it’s not just about the music — O-Z’s positive impact on the community shines brightly. It’s evident why he’s hailed as the hip hop artist you voted as authentically representing Richmond right now.

2nd: McKinley Dixon
3rd: Nickelus F
4th: Duct Tape Jesus
5th: Kidz At Play

WINNER! Destructo Disk

In the realm of Dragon Ball Z, the Destructo Disc is legendary—a razor-sharp disc of golden ki capable of slicing through nearly anything. In a parallel fashion, Gideon, Molly, and Danny of DD have been making waves with their scintillating live performances. Their musical repertoire, a fusion of grunge, riot grrrl, and their unique punk rock flavors, has been generating its own whirlwind of excitement along the East Coast.

Dive deeper into their world in our exclusive interview HERE.

2nd: The Saturn Death Cult
3rd: Richmond Vampire
4th: Rat Fight
5th: Wet Work

WINNER! Deau Eyes

Deau Eyes winning this category is really no shock to anyone who’s been following her tireless journey in music. Her packed schedule, with performances nearly every week, really showcases her commitment. You’ll find her everywhere, lighting up stages big and small, and playing to all kinds of audiences. What really stands out is her energy and enthusiasm – it’s not just impressive, it’s infectious. She clearly loves what she does, and it shows. This award is a well-deserved recognition of the hard work and vibrant presence she brings to each performance.

2nd: Flight Club
3rd: Rikki Rakki
4th: Lobby Boy
5th: The Last Real Circus

WINNER! Ms. Jaylin Brown

Ms. Jaylin Brown’s live performances are a revelation, a journey into the soul of music. When she sings, it’s from a place deep within, and it’s impossible not to be moved. Those who have witnessed her on stage know this feeling well – it’s as if she’s not just singing to you, but for you. There’s a sense of unity, a shared experience that resonates with everyone present. Her performances are more than just concerts; they’re communal gatherings of spirit and emotion.

2nd: Kennka Cook
3rd: Weekend Plans
4th: Zhe Queen
5th: Sam Reed

WINNER! Shagwüf

Let’s set the record straight: although their origins can be traced back to Charlottesville, this captivating fusion of psychedelia, gutter-glam, stoner doom, and rap rock has undeniably become a part of Richmond’s music scene. In recent years, they’ve propelled themselves into the spotlight, thanks to their electrifying live performances that have people up and down the East Coast talking. This surge in popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed, as they’ve garnered attention from national press outlets while cultivated a burgeoning fanbase as evidenced by this vote.

2nd: Dead Billionaires
3rd: Palm Palm
4th: Strawberry Moon
5th: Girl Spit

WINNER! Cassidy Snider and the Wranglers

This year’s vote in the category was a close one, and it’s a fun surprise to see Cassidy Snider and The Wranglers claim the top spot. Cassidy and her ensemble have breathed fresh life into the city’s music scene, not only through their music but also their distinctive presentation. To us, this win signifies an exciting addition in the local alt country music scene, indicating an openness to new and diverse musical directions.

2nd: Palmyra
3rd: Holy Roller
4th: The Atkinsons
5th: Tess Fisher

WINNER! Trapcry

In the span of the last few years, Trapcry has come a long way and has evolved from quietly releasing singles for a select circle of friends to becoming a regular presence on diverse bills across the city that transcend genres. Along the way, Trapcry has injected the local music scene with a blend of sexual freedom and a powerful lesson in vulnerability and self-assuredness in a city that has become a bit repressed and uptight since the pandemic.

Read our interview with Trapcry HERE.

2nd: Pharaoh Sistare
3rd: Landon Elliott
4th: Belly Of The Heart
5th: Hazelgrove


The original brass legends of Richmond continue to strike a resonant chord with our readers, and it’s no mystery why. They deliver a phenomenal performance, dishing out uplifting big brass anthems that get the crowd grooving, all while maintaining an infectious sense of fun. Yet, it’s more than just the music; NO BS! Brass has ingrained themselves within the community in a way few artists ever achieve. They’re not just representatives of the music scene; they’re there to support numerous local causes. When it’s time to rally for a good cause or lead a parade, who do we turn to? No BS! Brass, and that’s a testament that goes beyond their music. We’re fortunate to have them, so make sure to catch their next show!

Read our interview with Reggie Pace of NO BS! Brass HERE.

2nd: Butcher Brown
3rd: Dumb Waiter
4th: Plunky & Oneness
5th: Charles Owens Trio

WINNER! Garden Variety String Band

This year brings a fresh addition to our categories, and for fans of this genre, it’s been a long time a comin’. Few things embody Virginia’s essence more than Appalachian music. It’s the music that weaves the stories of real people who have called this place home for centuries. If you’re delving into this world right now, as voted by you, Garden Variety String Band is the name to know.

2nd: Sweet Potatoes
3rd: South Hill Banks
4th: Tim Barry
5th: The Hot Seats

WINNER! Kendall Street Company

Jam bands and their kind don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. If you’re looking to hang out without any pretentiousness, to groove in your own zone alongside your fellow conspirators, then the world of jam bands is your haven. Kendall Street Company has been diligently cultivating their audience over the past few years, and it appears to be paying off. Picture this: barefoot folks on stage hopping to the rhythm while they perform, an uninhibited free-spirited live performance, and a genuine connection with their audience — it all coalesces into a love – filled celebration at each and every one of their shows, so check them out.

Also, read our interview with us HERE.

2nd: Space Koi
3rd: The Southern Belles
4th: DJ Williams Projekt
5th: Crazy Doberman

WINNER! Bio Ritmo

If we envision Richmond’s music scene as inclusive and diverse as we aspire it to be, then we definitely need more world music in the mix. No one understands this better than Bio Ritmo, who, for decades, seemed like the sole torchbearer, bringing those global vibes to local venues and clubs. It’s heartening to see that their contributions are still cherished, and rightfully so—they consistently deliver an exceptional performance. Whether you’re planning a sophisticated date night or just looking to groove to that captivating Latin flavor right on the edge of everything, Bio Ritmo’s got you covered.

2nd: Los Malcriados
3rd: Holy River
4th: The Mighty Joshua
5th: Miramar

WINNER! Lonnie B

When another deejay in this category messaged us with doubts about their chances, we had a straightforward response: “It’s Lonnie B.” He’s an undeniable Richmond legend with a musical journey spanning decades. Lonnie B emerged during a time when hip-hop was considered dangerous for most of Richmond, and now, alongside Skillz, Kelli Lemon and their Art of Noise events, he represents our city as ambassadors to those who embrace its hip-hop history. Honestly, we are putting him in the Hall of Fame category next year, because that’s where he truly belongs.

2nd: Disco Cat
3rd: Bedspread Radio
4th: Archangel
5th: Lez Pop

WINNER! Michelle Devereaux Livinge

This year’s list showcases an impressive array of talented performers, underscoring the vibrant and thriving drag scene in the city. Every year, new stars emerge, but few can match the dedication and hard work put in by Michelle Livigne. It’s as if she’s on stage several nights a week, consistently building a reputation for transporting her audience into her captivating fantasy world, each and every time.

2nd: Chicki Parm
3rd: Sweet Pickles
4th: Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside
5th: Grace Wetpants

WINNER! What’s Our Age Again?

Cover bands in Richmond often get their share of flack, but let’s face it, there’s something undeniably fun as fuck about belting out familiar tunes with a bunch of strangers and having an absolute blast. People have a genuine love for their favorite cover bands, and it’s clear that What’s Our Age Again? has earned their top spot, as voted by you. They consistently bring the best show to town, so why fight it? Give into the dark side already.

2nd: Three Sheets To The Wind
3rd: Dance Candy
4th: Suggesting Rhythm
5th: 1996

WINNER! The Camel

This year, there was no contest – our readers have a deep love for The Camel. It’s transformed into more than just a performance space; it’s become a central hub for local talent from all corners of the city, essentially a music clubhouse. This is precisely how a smaller venue should feel. The Camel has hosted a wealth of talent that has gone on to grace stages across the country. With a welcoming atmosphere and a staff that genuinely cares for its patrons, this is the place where you cut your teeth and discover what you and your talents are truly made of.

Read the origin story HERE

2nd: The Broadberry
3rd: Richmond Music Hall
4th: The Canal Club
5th: Get Tight Lounge

main photo by Duncan Shaffer

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