Asshats On Parade: WBC’s “HATE RVA” tour schedule

by | Feb 25, 2010 | COMMUNITY

The VA Holocaust Museum has requested that any counter protest be silent. We hope that everyone can respect these wishes.

The VA Holocaust Museum has requested that any counter protest be silent. We hope that everyone can respect these wishes.

Here it is! If you’re trying to counter-protest, this is the WBC’s posted schedule. Remember that they often don’t follow their own posted schedule, and sometimes don’t even have the courtesy to show up for their own protests. With that said, there is one, big, important rule that must be followed at all times:

DO. NOT. TOUCH. In any way, shape or form. The WBC is able to afford their anti-christian, anti-american shenanigans principally by suing people who violate this rule. If you physically interact with them in any way, they’ll have it on tape, and they’ll sue, and they’ll probably win, as any unsolicited physical contact with someone is technically assault. I’d recommend not even shaking their hands if offered (why would you, anyways?).

With that said, go hog wild! Bring silly signs (we’ve posted some good examples below), yell ridiculous things, and try to drown them out. By counter-protesting, you are feeding the trolls, no doubt; this is what they want, as much publicity as possible. Remember that. But your goals and theirs do not co-align intrinsically. The goal of the counter-protest is to be a larger, louder force, to show peaceful, public opposition to their bile, and make them seem as ridiculous as possible.

03/02/2010 11:45 AM – 12:15 PM Richmond, VA Virginia Holocaust Museum 2000 E. Cary St.

03/02/2010 12:40 PM – 1:10 PM Richmond, VA The Jerusalem Connection 210 Giant Dr

03/02/2010 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Richmond, VA Univ. of Richmond Hillel 5403 Monument Ave.

03/02/2010 3:40 PM – 4:10 PM Henrico, VA Hermitage High School 8301 Hungary Spring Rd

all images taken from the totally awesome Laughing Squid of San Francisco, California

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