GalaxyCon Richmond 2023 Shines with Largest Attendance to Date

by | Apr 14, 2023 | COMMUNITY NEWS, FILM & TV

A couple of weeks ago, GalaxyCon Richmond made its annual return to the Greater Richmond Convention Center for a weekend of celebrities, cosplay, panels, and kinship among fellow nerds from every fandom in creation. Judging by the turnout, it’s highly likely that you were either there or knew someone who was. According to the convention, 2023 marked the largest turnout in the history of the Richmond stop.

Of course, this turned parking into a low-stakes version of The Hunger Games for the weekend, but that’s nothing new for anyone who usually spends their Saturday downtown.

Naturally, RVA Mag was there for the weekend to bring you photos of what you missed – whether it was the convention floor, your favorite ’90s nostalgia celeb, or your dream cosplay. We did our best to cover as much as we could for you.

The ribbon-cutting event saw celebs from various facets of fandom welcoming Richmond to the convention. From returning favorites like Brian O’Halloran (Clerks, View Askew) and Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City) to newcomers such as Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, Newsradio) and John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), there was someone for every corner of fandom to be excited to see.

The convention floor continued to be the focal point of the event. Whether you wanted to casually hang out and take pictures with fellow cosplayers, wait in line for your coveted photo op, search for that one figure you still need for your collection in the vendors’ hall, or blow your budget on stickers and acrylic charms, there was absolutely something for everyone. Need to take a break? Slide your weary limbs to the floor for a spell as you enjoy a well-deserved break with chicken tenders and a King’s Dominion-sized cup of lemonade. You deserve it!

galaxy con by ash Griffith
David Tennant at GalaxyCon 2023

Without question, one of the most popular Q&A panels of the weekend was for Scottish actor (and my favorite Doctor), David Tennant. With only moments to spare before he graced the stage, the room was not only packed but quickly became standing room only from front to back.

Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes spent Friday evening with us, discussing his career, fond memories of Gene Roddenberry and fellow cast members, and possibly promising the return of our other spooky favorite – Beyond Belief.

galaxy con by ash Griffith
Dave Foley at GalaxyCon 2023

This writer felt like a teenager at a Backstreet Boys concert with excitement for Dave Foley’s Q&A. Foley happily shared memories of filming with his fellow Kids in the Hall, as well as other projects such as Newsradio, A Bug’s Life, and South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. He also offered advice for a librarian about teaching improv to kids and the younger set. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Kids in the Hall event without an appearance from the Chicken Lady (this time in the form of a talented cosplayer).

galaxy con by ash Griffith
Demon Slayer represented at GalaxyCon 2023

Anime fans were in for a treat as the voices of Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado and Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer were on hand to talk about their advice for future voice actors, favorite moments from the series, and questions about their characters.

galaxy con by ash Griffith
Kevin Nash at GalaxyCon 2023

For ’80s/’90s wrestling fans, I made sure to say hello to “Big Sexy” for you. Kevin Nash was hanging out with fans, answering questions about his career and other curiosities.

galaxy con by ash Griffith
Paige O’Hara and Richard White of Beauty and the Beast

Paige O’Hara and Richard White, Belle and Gaston themselves from Beauty and the Beast, were excited to spend time with fans, discussing the film and Disney, as well as White’s popular hot take on Gaston. Did Gaston die if we didn’t find a body? He may be onto something.

galaxy con by ash Griffith
Cast members of Boy Meets World at GalaxyCon 2023

If you grew up in the ’90s, you probably watched Boy Meets World. Will Friedle, Danielle Fishel, Trina McGee, and Rider Strong all attended the event to talk about their favorite memories of filming, growing up together, sharing general life advice, and even made time for one fan to lead Will in a quick karaoke moment of the Kim Possible theme song.

With so much to do at GalaxyCon, it was nearly impossible to catch it all. What were some of your favorite moments from this year that we missed?

Until next year, convention friends!

Ash Griffith

Ash Griffith

Ash is a writer and improviser from Richmond. She has a BA in English from VCU and an associates in Theater. When she isn't writing or screaming on a stage, she can usually be found wherever the coffee is. Bill Murray is her favorite person along with her black cat, Bruce.

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