Multiple Wounded in Active Shooter Incident at Huguenot High School Graduation at Altria Theater

by | Jun 6, 2023 | COMMUNITY NEWS

As per WRIC, a shooting incident occurred in the vicinity of the Altria Theater during the graduation ceremony of Huguenot High School, leading to several individuals being wounded.

Jonathan Young, a Richmond School Board member, has informed 8News of an active shooter situation at the Altria Theater, located at the intersection of Laurel Street and Franklin Street.

The graduation ceremony for Huguenot High School had been slated to commence at the Altria at 4 p.m.

Richmond Police have confirmed multiple injuries resulting from the incident.

Law enforcement, including SWAT teams, have responded to the situation. They advise anyone in the nearby vicinity to steer clear of the area, though they have stated there is no immediate threat to the public at this time.

UPDATE 7:20PM : Our sources confirm 7 shot and 2 in custody

The following is on site reporting by Goad Gatsby.

UPDATE 9:05PM: Press Release from City COuncil

A statement on behalf of Richmond City Council

Regarding the gun violence tonight at VCU

Richmond, Virginia –“This evening, Richmonders are once again devastated by senseless gun violence. At a graduation ceremony, a tradition rooted in honoring a milestone achievement, has been marred by an act that has taken lives and left many others injured.

Those who were able to survive without visible wounds will likely be forever impacted by this violent event.

The thoughts and prayers of all members of Richmond Council and all Richmonders are with the students, parents, families, teachers, friends, and loved ones of those whose lives were taken from us and were injured tonight in this terrible tragedy.  

During this difficult time, we know that each person will draw on their personal strength and the strength and faith of their friends and community. We join tonight as one family, one community, and one Richmond.

As a family in Richmond, we lend and extend our friendship and hearts to our Richmond family during this difficult and challenging time.

We don’t yet have all the answers to this senseless act of violence, only that it should never have happened and that is has no place in our society.

Richmond City Council also wants to recognize our first responders who act every day to save lives and restore order and put their lives on the line to ensure the safety of our community.

We ask that everyone join us in keeping all the families in their hearts, thoughts and prayers and ask that all Richmonders observe a moment of silence tonight in support, respect, and condolence to all those impacted by this unspeakable event.

Richmond City Council does do not condone or stand for senseless acts of gun violence. Richmond is a resilient and strong community. While our hearts are heavy for the loss, the unanswered questions as to why linger. We will heal and we will grow stronger.

For those who wish to engage with caring mental health professionals, Richmond offers the following services:

·       Lifeline – Call or Text 988 or Chat

·       Mental Health America – Text MHA to 741741

·       Warmline of Virginia – 866.400.6428 (tel)

·       Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 877.622.4327 (tel)


According to CBS6, two individuals, an 18-year-old male graduate and a 36-year-old male attending the event, were killed in the shooting incident that also left five other people injured, as confirmed by Richmond Police.

Among the injured, a 31-year-old male is in critical condition with life-threatening gunshot wounds. Four other victims, aged between 14 and 58, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Additionally, a nine-year-old child was injured after being struck by a car during the incident but is expected to survive.

Police initially detained two individuals in relation to the shooting, but one has since been released. The remaining individual, a 19-year-old male, is expected to face two counts of second-degree murder, with the potential for further charges. It’s yet to be clarified if the suspect is a current high school student.

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