‘The Most Documented Person in Internet History’ Lives in Richmond?


Over the weekend, we received a call from a friend in the local collectible card game scene about a sighting of Christine Weston Chandler, more popularly known in the virtual world as Chris-Chan at another Richmond card shop. This event sparked an intense online debate and elicited numerous confirmations from customers.

We responded with, ‘Who is Chris-Chan?’

Chandler’s name might not ring a bell for many, but her life is an intricate web of digital notoriety, earning her the moniker of ‘the most documented person in internet history.‘ Although it may seem an extravagant claim, and most likely not true, the sheer volume of information about Chandler that exists online is staggering, and it attracts millions of views and opinions.

A brief overview of the myriad of articles about Chandler uncovers a complex character. Known as Chris-Chan or CWC and previously as Christian Weston Chandler, she has made her mark as a YouTube blogger and the creative force behind the Sonichu webcomic.

Born on February 24, 1982, in Charlottesville, Virginia, and predominantly raised in Ruckersville, Chandler was diagnosed with autism early in life. Her fascination with Sonic the Hedgehog ignited with the release of the earliest games and later encompassed Pokémon.

In 2000, Chandler crafted the character of Sonichu for a school project. When copyrighted characters were prohibited, she melded two existing characters to create an “original” one.

Chandler became a magnet for online scrutiny and ridicule from the end of 2007, making her a high-profile victim of mass online trolling and cyberbullying. Her comic, Sonichu—a peculiar fusion of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog—caught the attention of members of online communities such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan, and Kiwi Farms. These individuals often derided her creative pursuits and online behavior, leading to an invasive dissection of her life. This scrutiny escalated over the years, with trolls meticulously documenting Chandler’s life, both online and offline, leaking personal correspondences and diary entries, and even posing as potential romantic partners.

However, according to numerous online sources, Chandler did not remain passive during this ordeal and reportedly engaged in retaliatory actions aimed at deceiving and manipulating her online harassers sparking even more debate and harrassment.

For over a decade, Chandler found herself in the crosshairs of internet trolls, until her arrest in August 2021. Chandler was thrust into public consciousness following accusations of incest involving her elderly mother, leading to significant turmoil in online communities. Chandler, who was arrested on incest charges in 2021, has reportedly been released as per a court order.

Chandler’s arrest outside a Virginia hotel on August 1, 2021, was captured and disseminated on Kiwi Farms, accompanied by a phone call recording and a series of screenshots. The shared content insinuated that Chandler, then 39, had been involved in sexual activities with her 79-year-old mother, who was allegedly dealing with “memory problems.” In Virginia, such actions are classified as a Class 5 felony, which carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison.

A Facebook post from Chandler in August 2016 revealed her defending a mother-son pair who professed to be in love. In this post, Chandler confessed to having “dreams of having sex” with her own mother, but adamantly denied ever acting on these dreams.

On March 27, social media users began to report notifications from VINE, a public service providing criminal case information, indicating Chandler’s release. Shortly after, Chandler’s VINE record was updated to reflect her release as directed by a court order. The Virginia court’s information system confirmed that Chandler had been issued a transportation order on the same day, and on the following day, a spokesperson from the Central Virginia Regional Jail confirmed that Chandler was no longer in their custody.

Yet, the reasons behind Chandler’s court-ordered release and her current whereabouts remain shrouded in uncertainty. According to the Virginia court’s information system, Chandler’s next hearing has been scheduled for August 8.

RVA Staff

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