Let’s Talk Shrooms: Richmond Moon Market to Host Mushroom Mania Event Friday

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If you’re like me, you’re tired of 4/20. Tired of the excessive marketing, the yearly Harold & Kumar marathons, the Super Trooper references. If this speaks to you, why not stow the bong and dusty Black Sunday LP away for another time. Instead, step into the trippy, marvelous world of mushrooms at Mushroom Mania this Friday-an event that will explore the creative ways to eat them, ritual/religious uses, and medicinal benefits. 

Mycology enthusiast and host of Mushroom Mania, Lauren Vincelli wasn’t inspired by a spiritual quest or awakening nor was her inner mamba for mushrooms found amidst the depths of a fourth wall expedition, but rather evenings at the dinner table. “My sister, Maya, sometimes hosts a dinner party that she calls ‘Mushroom Mania,’ which features many delectable mushroom dishes,” she said.

This led her to reach out to to the community to see how many like-minded mellow mushroom souls were out there, and to her surprise, she found many people looking to come together for their love of mushrooms and thus, her vision began to come to life.

“I want{ed} to host an open, honest panel talk that will help illuminate magic of this sometimes taboo and unfamiliar kingdom with the community. I wanted to include free food to honor the spirit of my sister’s generosity at her many Mushroom Mania feasts,” Vincelli said.

In a celebration of her sister’s generosity and all that is mushrooms, the event will feature a variety of guest panelists, all which Vincelli and the Richmond Moon Market handpicked for the event. “I wanted panelists who could speak knowledgeably on their work with the creative edible, beneficial, medicinal and ritual/religious use of mushrooms.”

Tasked with that job are Megan Jones of mushroom supplement company, Host Defense, and Fungi Perfecti, who will begin the evening with the unveiling of current evidence into fast-growing research in mushrooms’ benefits for a healthy lifestyle, and Chef Douglas Andrae of Protection vegan pop-up, who will divulge his secrets to making any mushroom taste good with anything. 

Later in the evening, mycologist Charlie Aller from Charlottesville-based Mush Luv will be on to discuss how to cultivate your ideal ‘shrooms, along with theologian and former Protestant minister Ian F. Wesley, who will shed some light on the presence of entheogens and psychedelics in The Bible.

And for those looking for some munchies, don’t fret, Rudy’s Exotic Mushrooms, Meadow Acre Gardens, and Vegan Action have you covered. And according to Vincellimore surprises will be provided by venue host Champion Brewing Company for attendees. 

In addition to panelists and free food, Mushroom Mania will also feature a mushroom market with vendors offering guides on mushroom cultivation, as well as a collection of plant-based diets, crafts, art, jewelry, mushrooms, herbal medicines, botanical body products and more. The Richmond Herbalism Guild will set up a table on the medicinal mushroom Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) with information and details on their programs.

Vincelli encourages this to be an event of all ages, stressing an open mind and willingness to listen. “If young people are mature enough to handle this venue and topics they are welcome. Not to discourage any pre-baking beforehand, lord knows I probably will be. And you can listen to Black Sunday on the way there.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door and can be purchased here. The event kicks off this Fri., April 20 at 5 PM at Champion Brewing Company at 401 E. Grace St. and runs until 11 PM. 

John Donegan

John Donegan

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