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Guess who’s back! Our boy Akasha brings you the Womp … new and improved.

Tastemakers Reinhold and Jennings bring you BOUNCE, our showcase of the best in local and regional deejays sets.

Guess who’s back! Our boy Akasha brings you the Womp … new and improved.

Tastemakers Reinhold and Jennings bring you BOUNCE, our showcase of the best in local and regional deejays sets.

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George is back (Akasha) with a heavy bass mix for you, and as always loves to hit you with the sweet dub sounds. You may remember his previous two “BOUNCE” podcasts Summer of Dub 1 & 2, they were some of the most downloaded podcast we have had. Akasha has been a busy man since last on here, taking his mixing style to a new level. This mix is an example of his innovation in sound mixing by moving in and out of different parts of tracks – chopped and remixed on the fly. Check out the links for more info, and Akasha’s message below explains a bit more about this mix.

Reinhold & Jennings (PLF)

LINKS & Bio-

This mix has relentless intent to the point of ridiculous, plunging to the depths with an omni-present sub-bass that takes a journey down to Grimeland. If you don’t own a sub your missing out on one of the finer things in life, so do yourself a favor.

This mix could not have been made without mixing it with Ableton. Anyone who is limited between two turntables and is unaware of Ableton and chopped up songs, and looped based mixing who hears these mixes will be sure to be scratching their heads to what the hells going down. I keep finding delight in the fact that everyone out there who owns these tracks will be sure to have not heard them in this way.

This mix climbs in and out, with tracks consistently power mixing one upon the other up to 3 even 4 tracks at times, converging between remixes and originals, and skipping around all parts of songs. Telling a story when and how I tell it to from the great music provided by this collection of amazing producers. Each transition in the parts of the mixes are loops launched at my bidding, going far beyond the usual sound and practice of letting a song play out.

This mix is a journey and a milestone for me, I appreciate all who make it to the end of the mix and share the joy of getting redarkulous.

– AKASHA (George Rollins)

Tracklisting –
1. Hear Me Now – Organikismnes
2. Go Ask Alice – The Widdler
3. Trust Nobody – spmc
4. Warehouse – Fused Forces
5. Shakedown – Don Froth
6. Old School of Bass – SUBFREQ
7. Jamaica-Nice – 6blocc & Ohmen
8. Calypso – Excision, Datsik
9. Ill Technique – Fiend, c6Bloc
10. Ancient Memories Skream Remix – Digital Mystikz;
11. Rockstar – Benga
12. jenova project Datsik
13. Dot-Dot-Dash – Relocate, Buraka Som Sistema
14. O – Monsta
15. Shadow 6blocc Remix
16. Talk-Too-Loud – 6blocc, K’LIN
17. Speakers_Corner – DJ Quest & Eskmo
18. EGYPTIAN – Ed Solo
19. Streetwise – Vesicle
20. Break Them – Ale_Fillman_&_MK2
21. Empty – Fabian
22. Akira – Koan Sound
23. Retroform – Fabian
24. Imagination feat Lady_Shanime_Ishe_Remix – Adam Arete
25. Black-Panther – The One
26. Soledat – Fabian
27. Blue-Dog – Piro & Proxima
28. b4_the_dual_-_Benga
29. Duel – Benga
30. Output – Joker
31. Why Wait – Soroka
32. Plannet – Dom Hz
33. Midnight – Bar 9

To Download the mix go to:

For more info on Akasha or PLF (Party Liberation Front):
PLF Facebook – look it up!

& Turn up the Bass!!

John Reinhold

John Reinhold

John Reinhold is currently CXO of Inkwell Ventures Inc. which owns and operates RVA Magazine and GayRVA. Also, he is a deejay with PLF, husband and father to a couple of great kids.

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