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Check out the dope mix above from Designer Drugs, and download this set and more from their Myspace page.

Designer Drugs DJ Michael Vincent Patrick recently played RVALUTION at The Hat Factory and completely killed it. I had a chance to hang with him and his crew at the show, introducing him to the local scene and the big weekly party that is RVALUTION. I was dressed up as a zombie, with blood and makeup on ready to hit the floor, which I’m sure he found amusing, considering the apocalyptic themes that Designer Drugs explore in their music and merchandise. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Michael was impressed with what he experienced here in Richmond. “I love it,” he told me. “I would play there once a month if I could. I didn’t expect it to be that big at all. It was epic.”

Dressed like a cross between a neo-apocalyptic punk and a hipster Buddy Holly, Michael fits in well here in Richmond. With PBR in hand and shots of whisky ready to go, he hit the decks, playing many of the tracks that have made Designer Drugs such a popular act. DD’s music pulls sounds from electro, but gives them a pop feel, even while many of the tracks have an ominous, apocalyptic sound. Asked about this tendency towards darker sounds, Michael responded, “The apocalypse is happening right now.” In light of this statement, for him to gear up and hit the stage in front of an entire crowd dressed as zombies seemed both appropriate and a bit ridiculous. Nonetheless, he apparently enjoyed himself, telling us that he hoped to return to Richmond “soon. And when I do I’ll bring some CDs and free merch.”

Designer Drugs is currently working on a studio album, to be released later this year. Check their Myspace and facebook pages for updates.


Check below for more info about Designer Drugs tracks and information about the group:

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Designer Drugs BIO
Currently, Designer Drugs is releasing new material with iheartcomix Records. They’ve also been found partying on the couch at the Iheartcomix office. With one member attending med school and the other drinking whiskey across the globe, to keep from going crazy last year – the DD boys produced over 23 remixes and DJ’d over 100 shows around the world. This year, to keep from going crazy, Designer Drugs is putting the focus on original material while continuing to tour the galaxy and party harder than ever.

Most recently, Designer Drugs released their single “Zombies! / Back Up In This” on Iheartcomix Records, in 2009 with Remixes by Nadastrom, Don Rimini, Le Castle Vania and Bird Peterson. Designer Drugs has also completed remixes for labels such as Kitsune, Dim Mak, Fools Gold, Warner Brothers, Ministry Of Sound, Hail Social, Iamsound, Etc Etc, Coco Machette and Calamity Jane for artists such as Little Boots, The Veronicas, Thieves Like Us, Treasure Fingers, Mariah Carey, Jupiter One, Heart’s Revolution, Mission Control, Hail Social, and IAMX.

Both members of Designer Drugs are mentally controlled by ELLE REX (, photographer of NYC’s sleaziest and most entertaining electro party – RUFF CLUB. You can find her tagging along to shows, documenting the debauchery that ensues when DD takes the decks. What will happen next? You haven’t partied until you’ve partied with Designer Drugs!

Drop Down official video

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John Reinhold

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