EQ Presents – STAY TUNED #3

by | Apr 3, 2014 | PODCASTS

Introducing the third EQ Presents Stay Tuned Podcast.

Introducing the third EQ Presents Stay Tuned Podcast. In case you aren’t familiar, EQ Produktions is a Richmond, VA based promotional and production company that brings a fusion of both jam and electronica music together for your enjoyment! Over the next few weeks we will highlight some of EQ Produktions’ staff favorite tunes and songs on Stay Tuned!

Jesse’s Stay Tuned – 4/3/14

Future Rock – Reaching New Heitz

Conspirator Live – Conspirator @ The Fox Theater Boulder, CO 3/15/14

Latch (Manic Focus Remix) – Disclosure

Orchard Lounge Live – OL @ The Vagabond in Miami 12/28/09 (Jesse Pruitt’s Birthday Party)

Dopapod – “Bahbi” Live @ The Camel 3/4/11

Catch Future Rock Live on 4/12/14 at the Canal Club

Catch Dopapod Live on 4/22/14 at the Canal Club

Catch Manic Focus and Conspirator Live on 5/2/14 at the Canal Club

John Reinhold

John Reinhold

John Reinhold is a CEO, shareholder, and President of Inkwell Ventures. Inkwell is the founding company of RVA Magazine, Inkwell also owns GayRva.com and RVA On Tap.

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