The Hustle Season Podcast: Ep. 215 A Lickity Boom Boom Down

by | Dec 29, 2021 | PODCASTS

RVA Magazine is proud to showcase The Hustle Season Podcast every weekend. Produced in Richmond, VA; homegrown musicians Kelli StrawbridgeReggie PaceJames Seretis (podcast engineer/co-host) bring their irreverent, outspoken and at times thoughtful opinions to the masses. Focusing on music, pop culture both locally, nationally, sometimes otherworldly – join in as the guys try to figure out what’s going on this week.

Mad Big Ups
Barry Harris, jazz pianist.
Monkees songwriter, Michael Nesmith.
Ralph Tavares, singer of Tavares.

Topics include Nancy Reagan was “ahead” of her time, Roger Taylor says Sacha Baron Cohen would have sucked as Freddie Mercury, Danny Carey goes scary, James Brown finally gets his money, Biz Markie’s manager became an informer, and OJ’s really free, he’s got the juice now.
Slaps include Big Boi, Sleepy Brown, Leon Bridges and Khruangbin, Bon Iver and Alicia Keys.

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Kelli Strawbridge

Kelli Strawbridge

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