The Hustle Season Podcast: Ep. 216 Weeknd The Necromancer

by | Dec 29, 2021 | PODCASTS

RVA Magazine is proud to showcase The Hustle Season Podcast every weekend. Produced in Richmond, VA; homegrown musicians Kelli StrawbridgeReggie PaceJames Seretis (podcast engineer/co-host) bring their irreverent, outspoken and at times thoughtful opinions to the masses. Focusing on music, pop culture both locally, nationally, sometimes otherworldly – join in as the guys try to figure out what’s going on this week.

Mad big ups to session bassist Phil Chen, Leonard “Hub” Hubbard of the Roots, Hip Hop legend Kangol Kid and Wanda Young of The Marvelettes.
Merry Christmas from us!
Topics include Springsteen and ZZ Top selling their back catalogues, Dave Davies new book, we react to the Foo Fighters horror movie trailer, Don McLean tours American Pie for more bread (again) and more.
Slaps include Brandon Boyd, Aaliyah feat. The Weeknd, Jim Jones and Migos and Ne-Yo feat. Yung Bleu.

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Kelli Strawbridge

Kelli Strawbridge

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