Best of RVA Missed Connections: September 19 – 24

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Autumn, that magical time of the year when the foliage comes alive with the scent of nature, the seasons take flight and remind us of our common humanity, and Richmonders take to the pages of Craigslist to pine for lost love, and, uh, mature tennis outfits. This week, let RVA Mag take you on a journey through to find that special blue-eyed bartender, that one-in-a-million Arby’s patron, and that Sweet Biscuit “Angel,” who’s hair is like “periwinkle cotton candy.”

Get amongst it, Richmond.

Sweet Biscuit Angel: Early Bird Biscuit

“Your heavenly presence calmed me during the breakfast rush, this blessed Saturday morn. Your hair is the color of periwinkle cotton candy. Thank you for warming my soul with your flaky, buttery, biscuit.”

Copper Mill Apartments: Henrico

“You, my gentleman, are my knight in shining armor who walks and rides your bike past my apartment at almost the same times during the week. You have no idea how you brighten my day as I wait to catch a glimpse of your exquisite physique on almost a daily basis. You always return with bags so I guess you make a run to the store. If I wasn’t so shy, I am always tempted to come out, walk in front of you and hopefully you would stop and our eyes would meet, at which point you would melt with desire for me. Just keep doing the same thing as I can’t take my eyes off of you and would be too nervous to introduce myself. Oh but how I want you in my dreams.”

VCU Photo Student Taking Stranger Photos:

“You stopped by and took some pics today, I would love to see them sometime. Tell me about your photos and where you are from so I know it’s you. Would love to meet up sometime.”

Looking for Bio Family

“I’m currently looking for my biological sister. She was given up for adoption in Richmond during the mid-1960’s. Her biological fathers name is Larry Joe Garner from Waldron, Arkansas.

My understanding is she was from a family that already had numerous children and felt they couldn’t take care of one more so her maternal grandmother was going to raise her but due to unknown circumstances her grandmother decided to put her in an orphanage. Larry signed away his paternal rights and that’s all I know…Larry was stationed at Fort Belvior during December 1961 and December 1963. His best friends were Jim Evans and someone last name Rose.

If you have ANY information, no matter how insignificant you may feel that it is PLEASE contact me by email, text or phone.”

Arby’s on Broad & Bremo Blonde

“I stopped in yesterday afternoon around 3. You were a customer also. You had a young lady with you, she might have been 11ish? Anyway, you are blonde, had black workout pants and an orange t-shirt on. We made eye contact with each other frequently. I was sitting in my Expedition when you left…I saw you checking out my personalized plates as you walked to your silver SUV and you tried to catch another look as you drove off. Life is full of missed connections and opportunities… I hope that I have a chance to rectify this missed opportunity. I know that it’s extremely unlikely that you will see this post. But I have been thinking about you since yesterday afternoon and I absolutely had to at least make an attempt to reach you!”

Thank You for Saying I had a Cool Shirt at Brown’s Island/Belle Isle

“I was walking with my friend around Brown’s Island/Belle Isle around 4 pm Saturday and you said our shirts were cool but I didn’t realize you were talking to me so I didn’t say thanks but then I realized you were talking to me but you were already too far away and I felt like a jackass for not saying thanks so if you see this: thanks for saying my shirt was cool I really appreciate it

Keep up the good work,

Your pal,

The guy with the cool shirt and the friend who had a cool shirt too”


RVA Staff

RVA Staff

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