Best of RVA Missed Connections September 4-September 11

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It looks as though most of the usual suspects in Missed Connections have gone into hibernation for Hurricane Florence that will soon be upon us, but there’s a handful of hopeful souls still searching for their lost love out there. This week, a man is hoping to share a milkshake and some curly fries with a blonde he saw at Arby’s, a man hopes things get steamy with a woman he met at Starbucks, and if you are sweaty and live in the West End, then you have a pretty good chance of getting a date with one poster. Get your popcorn ready, Richmond!

Westend sweaty guy (Westend)

You were sweaty and ripe and I told you it was hot. You gave me a thumbs up. You still musky and ripe?

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Arby’s on Broad & Bremo Blonde

I stopped in yesterday afternoon around 3. You were a customer also. You had a young lady with you, she might have been 11ish?
Anyway, you are blonde, had black workout pants and an orange t-shirt on. We made eye contact with each other frequently. I was sitting in my Expedition when you left…I saw you checking out my personalized plates as you walked to your silver SUV and you tried to catch another look as you drove off. Life is full of missed connections and opportunities… I hope that I have a chance to rectify this missed opportunity. I know that it’s extremely unlikely that you will see this post. But I have been thinking about you since yesterday afternoon and I absolutely had to at least make an attempt to reach you!

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Eagles fan at Publix (Midlothian) 

To the beautiful woman at Publix . There are 3 things this man loves.  Publix wings, my eagles and that smile of yours. I wish I would have gotten your number.

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Lowe’s in VCU

Saw you at Lowe’s near VCU last Sunday, before Labor Day. We made eye contact while in-store and acknowledged each other as you were leaving. Went back today around the same time with no luck. To know it is you, where in the store did we first see each other. I know this is a long shot but I figure why not try.

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Richmond Airport (Richmond Airport)


I passed you heading to the car rental (downstairs) area. You had on a pink shirt. Around 3:20pm. I had on a gray shirt and I said hello as we passed each other. I’m from Richmond, but I live in New York City. I was very impressed.

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Roberto server with beard

hi, never got your name.. we made eye contact a few times.. I was one of 6 older people.. youngest one.. sitting on the end.. not sure if I misread the eye contact. I am a frequent visitor.. would love to hang out when I am back in town. hmu if interested.. tell me something about me

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Looking for my EMS Friend 

We met on here some time ago before CL changed it’s policy. We exchanged emails and phone numbers and eventually met. We seemed to hit it off and spent time together on Christmas, but I was going through a divorce and wasn’t in the place I thought I should be. Anyway, If you see this and still have my number, please give me a call or a text and let me know how you’re doing. Your name starts with M, mine with T.

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Starbucks of Barnes & Noble (Chesterfield Town Center)

I saw you today in Starbucks of Barnes & Noble at Chesterfield town center. You were alone reading a magazine (I guess) than reading a book. You are a very beautiful lady in her 30s, wearing a T-shirt and jeans. I sat at the table in front of you hoping to exchange glances. You were so beautiful and attractive. Please say hi if you read this

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Walking at the park (Huguenot)

You were walking in the park and we waved at each other maybe I see you there again and we can chat you where an older gentleman

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Photo By: Arby’s 


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