Best of VA Missed Connections January 1 – January 7

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New year, new you, and new Missed Connections! Our first weekly installment of the roaring (20)20’s finds a lot of positive sentiment marking the dawn of a new decade. It’s a remarkable wave of goodwill to start the year off, but how long will it last?

Well, keep reading, because if you guessed “not even til the end of this week,” you’re definitely right, because before too long, we’ll be wandering among New Year’s resolutions that involve foot fetishes, along with fierce “no homo” type declarations from hikers who protest WAY too much. Thankfully, we’ve also got meet-cutes at the Tobacco Company and old-fashioned crushes from the roller rink to even it all out.

I’m not at all sure about the people seeking grandparent figures for their teenager on Craigslist, but I am stoked to see people lusting after Waffle House waitresses… even though, for me, what I really lust after at Waffle House is a triple order of hash browns. Scattered, smothered, covered, diced, peppered, and capped, if you please. Now THAT’s some good eating.

Dig in, Virginia.

Happy New Year to my friends! (Fluvanna County)

To my old friends,and new friends,please have a safe and happy time! Let’s make the coming year the best it can be. Enjoy and cherish your good times and leave behind the bad times. If anyone has less friends than hoped for,you can count on me as a new and good friend. I hope to hear good news!

Promise made to myself (Charlottesville Area)

For a New Years resolution,I promised myself not to be so critical or fussy about others. Perhaps if I’m more tolerant,my getting older won’t be so bad. Does anyone here have a similar story and need to talk through a hurtful situation?

If Possible I Would Age Swap With An Elderly/Senior Citizen (Roanoke, Virginia)

If it truly was possible to swap ages, I would be willing to trade my age with any senior citizen/elderly woman or man that lives in either Roanoke or Salem, VA.

Backpacking / Hiking partner (Woodford)

Hi,..anyone interested in backpacking….NO I AM NOT GAY….

Question for women (Kempsville)

Ladies… Do you like having your toes kissed? Does it turn you on?

New Year’s resolution! Finding a female friend with nice feet (Hampton Roads)

Everyone has a New Year’s resolution, everything from losing weight, saving money, or making a major purchase. I am searching for a mature woman who I can be friends with and also massage and admire her feet. I know, it’s a little out of left field and some are thinking “One of those guys who likes feet.”. I am being honest as I work a lot and would love to find someone who is doesn’t mind being friends with a guy who likes feet. Feet don’t have to be all done up and perfect, race doesn’t matter, and size doesn’t matter. So if interested, and yes their are perks to this friendship, please email me. I am not looking for anything more than that, I wish there was a proper channel to post an ad like this, but I do believe that their is someone who can make my one of my New Year’s resolution come true. If interested please email me, if you have constructive criticism please email me, if you have questions than please email me. Happy New Year’s!!!!

Downtown New Years Eve (Cville)

Downtown New Years Eve. At a restaurant, you with a guy and me with a woman. You spoke to me when I walked by and you also said goodbye when you passed on your way out. New Year…maybe be new friends? Hope to hear from you. What restaurant?

Hot beer slinger at Mustang Sally’s about 2 years ago (Richmond)

You were the best bartender I’ve ever seen. I’ve been deployed and came back only to see a new name and no you. I saw you comfort a customer who’s dog died,you stepped in between two bikers and got them out and down the road with no altercation,poured 25 komokizes shots, got a regular drunk into a uber and never missed a beat with all the conversations thrown at you. Miss Sallie where are you?

Super fly hotty at the skate center (Salem)

I saw you at the skate center yesterday and it was hard to keep my eyes off you. You was thick and curvy, tall blonde white female, light blue jeans, grey shirt and white vans type sneakers. You had a lil girl with you in dark color clothing. You had a white belt with a rather unique buckle. You left me with fantasies in my head. I was the guy sitting alone with the grey sweat pants and red long sleeve shirt by the fun zone. If your interested reply back with what your belt buckle was. I really hope u respond Q T!!

Home Depot Carmia (Bon Aire)

We were at Home Depot with our grey dog and you said how much you liked him, you were helping a friend move and your friend was scared of our dog. We were to shy to tell you how much we liked you and wish we had!

Any cougars or panthers on the prowl? (Ashland)

Meow! Ladies only!!!Wanna have some fun with a youngish white boy with lots of tattoos? Consensual play desired. No p2p. Open to all races and body types skinny chubby or bbw. Can host or travel. Im 39.

Where is my uniformed guy

You were literally my dark knight in uniform. You were “new to all of this” but we hit it off great. I had hoped my search was over.

in search of intellectual and genuine peeps

i moved up in the highlands about a year ago, and being a transplant from baltimore makes it more difficult.

i’m in blacksburg right now and last night i met some great people at the underground. i need more of that. having a broad education and being clever goes a long with me.

this is not spam or a morning blow-n-go. i really need conversations to stimulate my gray matter and restore my wild imagination and insightful creativity.

will you talk to this poor lonely soul who believes in gravity because it brings us and everything together in circles and spheres? 

Zions Walmart (Zions crossroads)

You were in Walmart solo today around 2:45. I was in line behind you. You are M. Tall with dark hair, tattoos and I noticed when you checked out you flashed a badge. You were definitely some nice eye candy. Tell me what you were wearing as it’s pretty specific . And btw I’m a F but wasn’t alone

Looking for Grandparents (Highland Springs)

This is a long shot but, I have a 16 year old son who wants grandparents, his passed away several years ago, and it’s a subject he talks about all the time, he stays to himself, and has a heart of gold.I work shift work, and try to spend as much time with him as possible, couldn’t ask for a better young man. But what I see he hurts for , really hurts.

Car Man (Colonial Heights)

Getting gas on Sunday morning…interested in chatting about cars

Me: Mature WM you 30ish BM. Tell be type of car we talked about and where we were.

Tobacco Company Club – seated at bar, introduced me to White Claws (Richmond)

NYE celebrations in TCC. You were seated at the bar seat next to me for some time. I drank my Woodford Reserve on the rocks and asked you about your drink – White Claw – because I had seen them before but never knew what they were.

We chatted back and forth. Your attitude was very bubbly and happy every time we interacted. Good conversation was had and there was definitely a flirty vibe between us. The energy you were putting off was incredible but I got pulled away by one of my buddies. Did not get your name prior. 😅

I was wearing a white T with an angel wing pendant on. My navy blue blazer was in my lap while we chatted.

Here is to hoping this missed connection thing produces some results. Would enjoy getting to know more about you. 🤔 Maybe this time we can start with exchanging names? 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂

Skirt with maroon tights at Neighborhood walmart (Va bch)

You were in the Neighborhood Walmart on Holland and Buckner (near Shipps Corner) in Sunday evening. You were tall and fit and wearing a denim skirt with maroon/cranberry tights underneath, and a tight fitting yellow sweater and boots. OH MY GOD you are the hottest girl to ever walk into a Walmart . I know you noticed me with my jaw dropped. You got into a silver rav4 – you look so amazing, I must see you again. Hit me back

Cute guy in Walmart around 2 o’clock (va beach)

We ran into each other a few times walking down the isles. You looked at me and smiled. You’re a white guy short brown hair dark jeans and a tight shirt. Tell me what I was wearing

Food Lion M4F (Great Bridge)

Saw you shopping today and just wanted to say you are absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to say something but didn’t want to be that creepy guy.

Kroger Willow Lawn (Willow Lawn)

Sunday night. Flower lady.

Kroger Sunday night (Tuckahoe)

Looking for the gentleman I made eye contact with then spoke to Sunday at Kroger. Would like to further our chat. Where were you from and where were we talking…answer these to let me know it was you.

Waffle house waitress (dinwiddie/petersburg)

You waited on me early morning reddish hair glasses I will say you are a beautiful woman ! You got my attention.

Petsmart vcc muscle car

You were blonde ,very sexy walking out of petsmart and getting into your nice ride. Black pants ,blue shirt. I think you saw me looking at you.

Dave Chapelle & you in a pic (Miller’s)

I wanted to stop everything and stay in that moment as long as possible. I was drunk tho, and thought it tacky at the time to further our connection. Also, it was so nice to just be in that moment.

Target – Staples Mill (Henrico)

Surprised we were the only ones in store Sunday. (LOL) You seem like a nice person. Any chance I could buy you a cup of coffee?

In line at Target last night (S Laburnum Ave.)

We were in line just before close. You had a few more things and let me go a head of you. I thought you were super cute. If this is you reply with what I was buying. If you’re on Quickmeet let me know what name you go by.

To the Cute Lady at Panera Bread in Midlothian (midlothian, VA)

Hello. We briefly talked today in Panera Bread Midlothian as I was leaving the place. You were with your child. I just wanted to let you know that you are so cute and beautiful lady. I hope you see this. Thanks

To the girl working late at Taco Bell (Virginia Beach)

I saw you looking at me last night. And it’s not the first time. If you’re interested, say something. You might like the response you get.

Frisby’s New Years day around oneish (Powhatan)

If you see this…Frisby;’ between noon & 1pm or so you were with an older lady sitting near the TV wearing yellow shirt, striped coat and lace up boots. I was eating with friends and we made eye contact several times. I thought that you were very attractive. What kind of car were you driving? Color?

Sexy Doctor!

You will most likely never see this, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your sexy smile and the fun we could have!

We shared a lot of quick laughs at a nice restaurant bar a few days before Christmas. Tell me where……

You – sexy, in shape female dr.

Oreillys Auto Hayes VA (Gloucester)

I was walking in O’Reillys Auto while you were I held the door for you and your son you have black hair, your eyes and smile are so beautiful should have asked if your seeing anyone. It was around 5- 5:15 pm if you see this call or text me would love to get to know you 

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