Best Of VA Missed Connections: July 21 – July 27

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Welcome to Missed Connections! Pop quiz: what color are your pants? Did you know without looking? If so, you might be able to meet some cuties at the Wawa next time you’re out. In all seriousness though, if you’re looking to meet someone, it’s never a bad idea to leave the house wearing really killer shoes.

But maybe you’re just here for the fun times. If so, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty, from all across the state. From raw bars on the seaside in Virginia Beach to a Walmart parking lot in Front Royal and gas pumps down in Ridgeway, everybody’s feeling the love. I heard on NPR the other day that “hot vax summer” is just a bunch of hype, but you’d never know it by reading Craigslist this week.

Of course, everybody talks a big game from behind a computer screen. How many of you are willing to cross the line from online to IRL interaction? Not that we’re encouraging such things — we’ve seen way too many crashes and burns over the years. Maybe discretion really is the better part of valor.

Holler if you hear me, Virginia.

Byrd theater, your shoes are an A+ (Richmond)

I was walking down Cary Street.
You were standing out in front of the Byrd Theater. I interrupted your conversation with friends to complimented your shoes. I’d love to meet you for coffee or drink after work.

You have short blonde hair, a terrific smile and a great pair of sandals.

McDonalds for breakfast (Herndon)

Clocktower McDonalds
pulled up to the window and caught you smacking the drink machine into service
We chatted and I left you blushing
Let’s meet and chat

Cute female at Sliding Hill Wawa (Glen aAllen)

Just damn. You were waiting for your food and I was ordering a drink. That vibe was strong. You threw me off of my morning flow in a good way.

If you know what color your pants were, hit me up.

WAWA Near Woodlake May 24th (MIDLOTHIAN)

Near Woodlake,you were a black guy wearing yellow running shoes, mustache, and dark complexio. You started singing in the bathroom to the overhead music. You were flirting with me but I was with a friend in the car. I am a white preppy guy wearing jeans, burgundy polo shirt, brown running shoes and Rayban glasses with a black mask. I thought you were hot and would love to meet you. Hope you see this…

Walking on King St (Old Town)

I ran past you on King St on Friday afternoon. You’re very attractive. As I ran up the hill, you caught up to me as I slowed. Was too shy to chat, plus I was exhausted.
Would like to chat. Maybe we can go walking together again.
Me: white male, 50.
You: white female.

Savealot Beardy McBeardsen (Hopewell)

Orange shirt
Black banging car
Show me what you got??

Sexy girl with the Afro in Kroger (Rittenhouse Kroger)

Damn…..damn……damn! You are one fine looking woman. I loved watching you walk and when ours eyes met, I was smiling like a drunk fish in a tank of tequila! Let me know when your grocery shopping again……I’d love to run my cart into yours!

Cute girl at antique shop (Ruckersville)

Cute girl in a blue dress that smiled at me at the antique store in Ruckersville earlier today. I wanted to ask for your number, but I just got out of a relationship. So I wasn’t sure I was ready and now I really wish I had.

seaside raw bar- Saturday night (Virginia Beach)

unlikely you’ll come across this, but you were complimenting me on my tattoos; at first I didn’t think anything about it but you seemed almost persistent? you have long hair and were with the homies, you fine as hell boy. Trying to get to know you, I should’ve said something.

Met at Sheetz in Ridgeway (Ridgeway, VA)

I know this is a real long shot, but with no other options here I go. This morning (7/20) I stopped to get gas at the Sheetz. Parked next to a guy who was driving a red Chevy pickup getting gas too. We started a quick conversation, you know the one where we really didn’t say anything but being nice to each other. This one was a little different though, I thought you wanted to take the conversation in another direction but didn’t. I WANTED TOO AS WELL! I was driving a black Ram Dually. I am the tall guy with the grey goatee. You were the tall guy with dark hair with a really short beard. Get with me on here! I wanna meet you. We could have a good time together, doing stuff.

You moved! Boo! (Arlington)

You moved ! You were such a delight to have as a balcony neighbor!

I wish I would have known!!

Sat next to you at Chadwicks (Alexandria)

We high fived because I didn’t smack you… Despite my over-gesticulating. You got away before I could get your number.

Girl in Subaru GORGEOUS Front royal walmart yesterday around 430pm (Front Royal)

i saw the most beautiful girl coming out of walmart in front royal today (July 22) around 430pm she was wearing glasses short shorts on and got into a white Subaru wrx. I drove by in the Audi S4 you looked at me and i froze and drove off. I’m going to end up regretting this for life!! really hope this finds you if nothing more just know you made my year. absolutely beautiful!! PLEASE IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE SOME ONE YOU KNOW HAVE HER EMAIL ME. SHE DRIVES A WHITE SUBARU WRX SPORTY 4 DOOR CAR.

Top Photo by Tanya Dusett on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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