Best Of VA Missed Connections November 11 – November 17

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Somehow, after the kind of month we’ve had so far — not to mention the year we’ve had so far — we’re all still here for another week’s Missed Connections. And if you read this week, you might be amazed to think that a plague is still loose on the streets, that social media is a constant garbage fire of disinformation and inflammatory lies. I guess it goes to show that somehow, love finds a way.

This week we’ve got plenty of hits from tattoo shop habitues and thrift store crawlers to couples looking for a hot machinist to make three. Well, at least one couple is engaged in that search… the rest of you are apparently just trying to find some beer and buds (and I don’t mean that as a synonym for “friends,” either — as if you didn’t know). This week also features an unusual number of references to hair color, as well. Is this a secondary effect from the fact that everybody is wearing a mask out in public these days?

Don’t ask me — drawing conclusions of that sort is way above my pay grade. I’m just trying to stay healthy and sane in a sick, crazy world. Hearing about someone with a crush on the maintenance guy from the jail is just about my speed these days.

Stay out of trouble, Virginia.

Belle Isle on bikes (Richmond)

To the guy from MA who works on machines— my girlfriend said we should’ve asked you to come for dinner. Mention the company here you’re doing a job for so we know it’s you.

Hot Guy at Thrift Store (Virginia Beach)

You came in the store right before me…think you wanted me to walk close to you bc you were walking slow to the entrance. Checked me out the whole time. Tell me what I looked like/wore bc only YOU would know. All you others kick rocks….or masks…

Cute girl getting a tattoo yesterday 11/13 (Petersburg)

You were getting a tattoo. I should of said something but didnt. Now i’m regretting it. Tell me what color your car is and what shop if you see this.

Mary Jane

🌱🌿 Who wants Mary Jane?

Beer on the patio (Original Gravity)

It was a quick in, quick out…. But I stopped to chat with you about my purchase real quick. Who was the young lady at your table?????

Blonde girl and her friend parked in front of Chopt at Willow Lawn (Willow Lawn)

I initially walked past you and your friend sitting outside of Starbucks. I found a spot in front of Chopt, waiting for my 19 bus near the stops. I then saw you and your friend walking to your parked car in front of Chopt. The two of you dropped off some things in it and headed on foot, walking past me.

This post is for the blonde w/ the longer hair, wore sun glasses, taller, athletic looking and highly attractive. Don’t know if you noticed me, but I sure did unexpectantly. Message me back if you ever come across this.


Ginger with Red hoodie in Short Pump park (Richmond)

You, a ginger wearing a red bright hoodie, walking with a female… we looked and smile at each other, I the guy wearing a long sleeve shirt and walking with a male. I would love to see you and talk to you, maybe more 😉

Metro Richmond Zoo

You were at the zoo with (I assume) your 2 yr old daughter and we initially encountered each other while our girls fed the goats. I noticed you didn’t have on a wedding ring. We kept crossing paths throughout the zoo but didn’t really talk. You had on black pants. I found you very attractive and kick myself for not saying more. It’s a long shot but maybe I’ll find you again.

Sonic drive-thru worker (Short Pump)

I ordered at Sonic today (Sat 11/14) at 4p and you were the cutest worker. Tell me your name and hopefully we can chat!

Nice Boom Box (Ocean View Beach)

Your husband was a Sailor too and away. You were 10 years older but it was love at first sight, at least for me. We even took a trip to Fort Lauderdale together. The first words you spoke to me sounded like the voice of an Angle. You will probably never read this but, I have never stopped loving you.

Returning from Palm Springs (Virginia Beach)

We sat together from Charlotte to Norfolk. You were returning from Palm Springs. Talking with you was amazing and I would love to chat some more. You were reading a book titled “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone”

Hot Blonde guy at Planet Fitness Suffolk (Suffolk)

Tall, muscular blonde guy at Planet Fitness in Suffolk on Tuesday night. We made eye contact when I was on a treadmill. You nodded and I nodded back with a little smirk. You went into the bathroomfor awhile. I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to follow you or not. Wanted to give you my email address but was nervous to approach you. Please let me know if I can help you out at all. Could be as simple as just a good massage for you after a workout.

Stafford Brewery (Stafford)

Saw you sitting a table tonight with a group of people. Looked over and made eye contact a few times before you left.

Tell me when and what I was wearing. I was with two other guys.

I was at these apts for some reason (Chamberlayne)

You came home and saw me chilling way out of place. Random mf with a beard and bandana. You came out with your dog, said hi with that lovely voice. I was gonna say hi when you finished cleaning your car but your buddy showed up. I’m sure I’ll see you again but if I can do it any sooner I have to try. Just tell me what i was doing cause you can’t trust these mfs.

maintenance guy at the jail in ? hopewell? (hopewell)

big blue eyes… tattoos… use to have a mo hawk sometimes lol always wear a hat so hard to say … drives big jacked up 4×4 trucks… in fact i need to talk to you about the black one w green stripes. (if you still have it?) tried to find you on facebook …next to impossible without name. ill know its you by answering a question only you would know the answer to. so scamers move on….lol

Willamsburg Rd (Richmond)

I saw you in a grey Mercury sedan. You are blonde with a goatee. You look tall and football player build. I think you are like 20’s. I’d like to meet up sometime.

Crunch west end – hot guy (Far west end)

Handsome guy, black pants and grey tan today, Friday. Tell me what you where working on today and if your single. Thanks,

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