Best Of VA Missed Connections September 23 – September 29

by | Sep 29, 2020 | WTF?!

As September limps to a dreary, foggy end and we prepare for tonight’s presidential debate to further scare the hell out of us with visions of authoritarian autocracy, why not escape from it all for a few minutes with some Missed Connections? There’s certainly some entertainment to be had here this week, and god knows we all need it.

From smiles under masks to across-the-street waves, we’re all still finding ways to notice and appreciate each other even during our current socially distanced reality. There’s no end in sight, unfortunately, so we’re all probably stuck with the virtual bullshit for quite a bit longer. That said, mountaintop meetups and checkout line conversations are still available to us all, and as sure as we’re all humans, they’re sure to continue happening, at least occasionally.

Keep hope alive, Virginia.

Bunny (Heart of Carytown)

I miss your black eyes.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Handsome Mailman (Dumbarton)

I got to see you often this summer, we waved to eachother and smiled. I haven’t seen you for a while. I’m certain you won’t read this post, but I do miss seeing you.

Girl I met at Pony Pasture (Richmond)

You had the sweet pup Ella and I had the big pup Lola. Wanted to exchange numbers before we parted.

Brown’s Island (Downtown)

Looking for the guy I talked to on Brown’s Island recently. You seemed like a cool guy and definitely would have some fun together. I’m a white guy, attractive, masculine, live near VCU.

virtual, virtual, virtual, all bs (Charlottesville)

im so tired of virtual living. didnt i see you recently? if not… oh well, contact me so we can make sure

I think that was her under that mask 😉 (Fredericksburg)

Were you smiling at me under that mask? lol I’d love to talk to you more. You were beautiful to me in every way that I could see. I hope we can become “friends”. 😉 I love all shapes, sizes, ages or races. It’s difficult to say more without getting removed here. Times are tough and loneliness is prevalent and needs, wants and desires are going unfulfilled. Please get in touch and I’ll tell you much, much more.

Nice chatting at Walmart (Ruckersville)

Last week I had a too brief chance to talk to a lovely lady in line near the registers. For once, the line going faster was not so welcome – we seemed to be enjoy chatting.

Would enjoy picking back up and getting together.

Blue n purple hair. Exxon in Lewisburg this morning

8:30 ish this morning (friday (9y/25) exit at the exxon station. I was fueling up. You were smoking. I commented on your hair. Said it looked similar to someone i know. I went in. You were lingering? Lol i should have kept the conversation going. I saw you trying not to smile as you pulled out. Hopefully you see this. I’d like to see that smile again.

Work Truck w/Ladders (Exit 99 Afton)

Tried to get your attention the couple times that I seen you on the mountain early in the mornings. I guess you were going to work and I had just finished work. Hope you see this ad. Seems that we both are on a schedule for something ongoing!

Beautiful woman driving blue pickup near nob

You were driving a blue Chevrolet pickup near nob today. You were absolutely stunning, we exchanged a few smiles back and forth and you knew I was staring at you and we continued down the road. Would really like to chat and see where it takes us and have some fun. Tell me what state your plates are from and what did you have on your dashboard so I know it is you.

You spoke to me from your truck (Henrico)

You talked to me from your truck on parham x broad. I got shy. You’re really smoking a cigarette and have a great smile

Saw you working on a car in Midlothian (Chesterfield)

You were working on a car in the staff parking lot of Monacan HS. Hot RED haired beard. Wood love to see if there is a rug below that matches that bright red hair. Love red heads!!

Boss (Richmond)

You encouraged me to go for it, and I did. I’d really like to tell you how it went…

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