Best of VA Missed Connections September 30 – October 6

by | Oct 6, 2020 | WTF?!

There are a lot of important things happening in the world right now, and sometimes you might even hear a little bit about them in the Missed Connections. Things like the census (and how cute that census taker that stopped by was). Or the presidential debate (and the lovely people in Starbucks who you wish you could have talked to more about it). Yes, we’ve got a somewhat socially conscious edition of Missed Connections for you this week, but never fear — there’s still plenty of silly stuff here.

For example, some borderline-incomprehensible stuff about doing drugs from someone who was clearly high when they wrote it, as well as some great flirting situations in Taco Bell drive-thrus and on golf courses. Gotta keep that social distance when you’re macking on hotties at Target!

Also, a word of advice inspired by a tale of woe from this week: if you’re driving around in a BMW that’s over a decade old, you better be ready to do some roadside repair at a moment’s notice. They’re not the most durable of vehicles.

Keep your tools in the car, Virginia.

The Census Girl (The Fan)

You came by my apartment, but it turned out to be the wrong one. Almost as soon as you left I found myself thinking, “Wow, she was really cute and had great energy. I wish I would have said more to her”

No sooner did I think that, you came back to ask about my neighbor and we had a cute conversation about the foreign languages we speak. I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate to ask you out right there, but after you left I pretty much immediately regretted not doing so. There was just something about you that made me want to talk to you more.

-The tall guy in the the Third Eye Blind t-shirt

Talked about the debate at Starbucks (Richmond)

I was getting coffee at Starbucks Wednesday afternoon, talking to the barista about the debate and you joined in. We continued the conversation as we walked out of the door and briefly once we were outside. I didn’t get your name or any details but would love to continue our conversation over dinner or coffee sometime. I know it’s a long shot that you’ll see this, but if you do, let me know which Starbucks we met at so we can see where our next conversation leads. Like they (whoever they are) say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

you were wearing a supergirl shirt (Fredericksburg Park)

You were walking at a local park and were wearing a blue supergirl shirt and a nice smile. We said hi to each other as we passed. I noticed you had a wedding ring but no husband to be found.

Dextrip sidekick wanted to lean and ride around (Patrick hnry)

When I delsym I like a girlfriend. Cheers

Woman for boat Rides/Fishing

Looking for woman to take on the boat with me. I know it is getting chilly and it takes a dedicated woman, but I am looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors and would like to share some time on the water. I would love to have a beautiful smile with me on the boat to look at. Well if it sounds like something that interest you message me and lets see where it goes. Autumn if you read this message me I had something emergent come up and lost your info. I am still interested.

Taco Bell Drive-Thru Boydton Plank Rd (Petersburg area)

I am really hoping you see this. I just went through the drive-thru at Taco Bell and you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I couldn’t stop looking and I know you noticed. I almost asked for your number but didn’t. Should have. Do you remember? Tell me something specific about me.

Shorts and green jersey (Sandy Bottom)

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your choice of short cut off shorts and sports jersey. I’m not sure everyone at the park shared my appreciation, but I also know I’m not the only one to take a second look. Keep it up and if you need a guy to chaparone your walk I’m happy to help.

Blonde in Target (Chester)

As you were coming down your aisle, I turned and I noticed you first. We made friendly eye contact. We went down the same shopping aisle a minute or two later, and I could help but notice our eyes meet again. The way you fit into your dress was quite appealing. Hope to hear from you. I have brown hair, tall, and I’m 39. 

Golf Tounament (Virginia Beach)

You were volunteering at a charity golf tournament Friday. Riding in a beverage cart and have a first grader at SJ. I was the tall guy, black shirt having a conversation about wanting to meet someone to date. You did not have a ring on and I was wondering if you were available and interested. Can you remember the color of my hat?

Lauren at ballyhoos

Hey Lauren. We met at Ballyhoos. You were wearing the Mic Jagger sweatshirt. I wasn’t picking up on your signs, but I totally get it now. Please contact me.

Missed truck connection (Henrico)

We were checking out each other in gas station. You were in your truck and I was in sedan. There was more to eye than in our glances. I lost you in kohl’s block. If it’s you, HMU and tell me what kind of pickup truck you were driving. M4F

Stranded BMW (Richmknd)

You were stranded in your BMW at a stop sign. I stop and offer some help but you end up getting your car towed. Wanted to tell you a great like you had a beautiful lies but was hesitant. If you’d like to try out that restaurant or go get a glass of wine, give me a reply.

Saw you working on a car in Midlothian (Chesterfield)

You were working on a car in the staff parking lot of Monacan HS. Hot RED haired beard. Wood love to see if there is a rug below that matches that bright red hair. Love red heads!!

Missed red sedan (Henrico)

Looking for the red sedan that was waiting on lights (longer than needed) near driveshaft after exiting from w. gas station. We had glances while you were at the station. I turned around to catch up with you. But couldn’t see you again on highway. Hmu if it’s you. It’s a long shot but hopefully something than nothing

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