Breaking News: It’s Too Damn Hot!

by | Jul 18, 2019 | WTF?!

It’s too damn hot outside. There’s nothing you can possibly do but talk about how damn hot it is. I tried, I failed. It’s just too damn hot! Ahhhhhhhhhhh 

Here, enjoy a bunch of hot memes: 

How hot is it?? ok Fine. 

It’s so Hot that Global Warming has been replaced with global melting 
It’s so Hot that catfish are already fried when you catch them
It’s so Hot that I saw a chicken lay an omelette!
It’s so Hot I saw a squirrel picking up nuts with pot holders
It’s so Hot I saw two trees fighting over a dog
It’s so Hot Mr Fix it is Mr. F it! 

So what can you do in Richmond when it’s this damn hot? It’s so hot I can barely think about it, but here are some ideas: 

  • Call someone and tell them how hot it is.
  • Look at the James River from a cool car. 
  • Go to a brewery, get a cool beer and find others talking about how hot it is.
  • Go to a restaurant in town with a patio, order food and drinks while being happy you’re not on that patio. Talk about it, do dares to see who can stay on the patio the longest.
  • Put on 12 layers of sunscreen and attempt a pool trip. 
  • Look at your fishing pole. Laugh at the thought. 
  • Turn off the TV and watch the fish tank.
  • Play a nice game of “do nothing but think about how damn hot it is.”
  • Margaritas at your spot. And I do mean Margaritas, plural.  
  • Netflix and chiiilllllllllllllll…….. 

Seriously — it’s hot. Stay cool, drink water, and be careful outside. DAMN IT, it’s HOT!

Top Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

John Reinhold

John Reinhold

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