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As some of you know I love hot sauces all of types and of a levels. Seriously though check out my new and improved hot sauce caring case:

As some of you know I love hot sauces all of types and of a levels. Seriously though check out my new and improved hot sauce caring case:

In our last foray into hot sauce land, we got things started off with a guide to get us all speaking the same caliente salsas language.

Turns out people dug our post so much, companies started reaching out to send us some of their amazing products (I was really torn up over getting free hot sauces, or at least part of me was tore up…) Anywho, we’re excited to continue this hot-sauce-symposium and give you some reviews of some interesting brands.

To start this all off I’ve got fore really neat sauces from Voodoo Chile Sauces.

They are a company that is focused on bringing you something that is unique, hot, and made with lots of love. Lets get into each sauce individually:

Bhuty Thyme

This is a Zesty Italian sauce using Bhut Jolokia peppers (aka Ghost Peppers) as the main base of heat along with the Italian flavors. This is a very unique sauce as I have never really tried anything like this with a real Thyme-y background. It’s kinda like having a super hot pizza sauce, I image if you like a hot pepper spaghetti meal this would add just the right amount of kick to it.

I like it – but it was not my favorite of the group.

Tao (of Infernal Happyness)

This one packs a wallop! This is actually not a sauce at all – more like a tincture. Its base is malt vinegar, and your nose will tell you once you open this thing. The next thing you notice is the presence of lots of hops – they use citra hops in this version. You may know those hops from many of the quality IPA’s you drink in good craft beer.

Then the heat hits you from the chili peppers, really filling out this usual concoction.

I really liked Tao, it reminded me of snake juice or whatever you call it. People will take this kind of thing in the morning to promote good health – it basically will kill anything that might get in the way. I think, however, I would add this to some BBQ or collards and see how it does me.

Porcus Infernum (Bacon Hot Sauce)

Yes, thats correct Bacon Hot sauce is here and you to can revel in it.

So lets get right to the point – this sauce tastes like bacon, and thats amazing. Voodoo Chili says on the bottle it took over two years to get this one right and I can believe that for sure as there is a great balancing act going on here. This sauce is mild, so the bacon flavor is not beaten out by any heat, but instead, it works well with together. You can put this stuff on anything really, it’s that easy to enjoy.

Now, the bacon flavor is not too too heavy – which was what I was worried about when trying it.

I think it needs to go in a bloody marry right now with some horseradish – and probably a beach in the background. You can see why this one if one of the top sellers of Voodoo, but it still was not my favorite of the four.

Psycho Tropic

This one is far and away my favorite of the four sauces.

I think this one wins the award from me on the sauce I would most use when eating anything. It’s killer, and right off the first taste you get big tropical note of pineapple and honey, mixed with guava lime and garlic. Then the heat comes out right behind it with some real power — you can taste the Carolina Reaper here mixed with Scotch Bonnets. I can always tell the reaper peeper because it has an almost tropical, habanero-like flavor.

All-in-all, this sauce really blends nicely and is quite delicious on its own. I’m going to make this one a constant in my hot sauce case and share the love!

You can pick up any of these sauces through Voodoo Chile Sauces website here

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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