Richmond Mural Project 2016 artist announcements round #2

by | Apr 22, 2016 | POLITICS

The Richmond Mural Project 2016 is getting underway and we’ve got about 10 artists to announce, including one very special local muralist to add to the otherwise international crew.

The Richmond Mural Project 2016 is getting underway and we’ve got about 10 artists to announce, including one very special local muralist to add to the otherwise international crew.

We’ll be releasing names over the next few weeks, but here’s the second set of artists who are confirmed for the event which happens July 11-22, 2016.

Check out the first round of muralists here.

Organizers are still looking for walls to paint, if you’ve got some space hit up Shane P. at [email protected] – and let him know whats up.

JADE (Peru)

Jade Rivera nació en Junín, Perú en el año 1983. A los siete meses de nacido su madre y él emigraron a Lima. Rivera se crió en el distrito de Chorrillos, estudió en un colegio nacional y allí se despertó su curiosidad por el arte, cuando tenía once años. La pobre enseñanza de su centro escolar y su creciente interés por el arte lo motivaron a dedicarse más al dibujo y la pintura. A los diecisiete años estudió en la Pre Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, pero desistió de postular al último momento, desarrollando su obra empíricamente. Rivera ha encaminado su obra como un autodidacta desde 1997.

Rivera ha sido reconocido por sus murales de gran formato y también por sus miniaturas en diferentes partes del mundo. A la par con su obra como artista urbano, Jade dedica gran parte de su tiempo al trabajo en el estudio explorando técnicas mas tradicionales como el óleo y la acuarela.

“Mis pinturas me recuerdan que morimos en cada segundo y nos desvanecemos”

Via google translate:

Jade Rivera was born in Junin, Peru in 1983. At seven-months-old and his mother migrated to Lima. Rivera grew up in the district of Chorrillos, attended a national school and, when he was 11, his curiosity was piqued by art. From there his growing interest in art motivated him to devote more time to drawing and painting. At seventeen, he studied at the Pre National School of Fine Arts, but decided to apply for the last time, developing his work empirically.

Rivera has directed his work as a self-taught artist since 1997.

Rivera has been recognized for his large format murals and also by their thumbnails in different parts of the world. Along with his work as an urban artist, Jade spends much of his time working in the studio exploring more traditional techniques such as oil and watercolor.

“My paintings remind me that die every second and fade”

Jason Woodside

Jason Woodside is an artist living and working in New York City. Recent commissions and collaborations include Colette, Adidas, Saatchi and Saatchi, Faberge, We Work and Jeffery Deithch. Woodside’s large scale exterior works grace wall in major cities including Paris, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Sydney and New York City. This will be Woodside’s second year with the RMP, check out his piece from last year below:

Marka 27

Born in Juarez, Mexico, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Marka27’s foray into the art world began in the city’s streets mastering the art of graffiti. Advancing to earn his BFA from The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, Marka27 became a household name for his “audio canvas” series and elaborately executed installation art and murals. He has been featured in many lifestyle magazines/ books such as Graffiti Planet, Burning New York, I am Plastic Too and made the cover of “Flux-Designer Toys.

Marka27’s artwork has been exhibited in high end galleries through out the east and west coast such as, Gallery 1988, Think Space, La Luz de Jesus, The Mills Gallery Boston, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. His artwork has been shown along side established artists, Futura, David Choe, Ron English and Gary Basemen. Marka27 also sold artwork through the world renowned Freeman’s Auction House.

Marka27 has been commissioned to collaborate artistically by some of today’s most well know brands such as, Levis, Pioneer, Scion, Converse, Heineken, VH1, Disney, New Balanceand Kidrobot.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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