Steady Sounds reopens with Blue Bones Vintage clothing partnership

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Once vinyl-only, local record store Steady Sounds re-opened last Saturday after having closed for two weeks to allow for
Once vinyl-only, local record store
Steady Sounds re-opened last Saturday after having closed for two weeks to allow for Blue Bones Vintage, a high quality vintage clothing store, to move into and share the space with them.

Customers were kept updated throughout the two weeks via their instagram page, (@steadysounds) and were able to view previews of some of the renovations being done in the store to accommodate the merging of Blue Bones with assurances that ‘we’ll still have the same amount of stock and used turntables and amplifiers so don’t worry!’

“We didn’t have to change anything, everything of ours is pretty much the same,” said Stead Sounds co-owner Drew Snyder. “We were open to the idea of combining and wanted to do it, as much as I liked how open it [the original layout of the store] was, we didn’t use half the space anyways. It just made sense to combine.”

Fashion and music lovers rejoice, because Steady Sounds and Blue Bones Vintage have created the perfect haven for you.

The interior of the store has been decorated to perfection; with hardwood floors matching the silvers, whites and cream hues used on the ceiling and walls, paired with metallic silver lights and records and other relics on the walls, creating a great space to welcome the vintage treasures it now holds.

Owners of Blue Bones Vintage, Lauren Healy and Jeremy Flora, have done an excellent job of outfitting the store with a variety of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.

From men’s plaid shirts in any color desired, to beautiful jewelry pieces, it’s obvious Healy and Flora know what they’re doing when it comes to finding styles that the public wants to wear.

Only in business together for a year, both owners have many years of experience independent of this new venture and a passion for hunting for vintage clothing.

Healy specializes in women’s clothing and accessories, and Flora in men’s. Before combining with Steady Sounds, the two had only been doing pop-ups around the area.

“It’s nice to do what you love now, and have a base for it,” Healy said. “I love Richmond and wanted to grow more. We’d been looking around the neighborhood for a space and Drew and Marty [owners of Steady Sounds] are dear friends of ours, and when they offered to share their space with us about a month ago, we immediately said yes. It just seemed like the right mesh… the natural progression for Blue Bones.”

The combination of fashion and records might be a seemingly odd one, but all owners disagreed. “It’s a one stop shop now for a lot of people,” said Healy. “I know this is what I enjoy, my boyfriend and I shopped in Steady Sounds often and I just think it [the clothing] adds another element and selection for people. I like it, and I would think vintage clothing and records is a nice match.”

Flora said, “This is one of my favorite things -records. Being around it and incorporating Blue Bones was just the perfect atmosphere for me.”

Steady Sounds will also continue to be a venue for local bands; the next show is expected to be sometime in September.

Customers will be able to go and enjoy live music while shopping for their favorite vinyl’s and discover great vintage pieces at the same time.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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