Minor Poet premieres new single, “Judith Beheading Holofernes” via RVATRACK

by | Aug 1, 2017

With his killer guitar chops and smooth voice, RVA’s Minor Poet is given the center stage by local film collective RVATRACK in a new music video for the band’s single, “Judith Beheading Holofernes.” Featuring the new single from the band’s most recent album from Egghunt Records, And How!, Minor Poet’s toe-tapping drum beats, light electric guitar, and backup keys all support the leading vocals, harmonies, and singable lyrics.

Photo by Joey Wharton Photography

Andrew Carter, the frontman for the band, starts off with chucks of chords off his electric guitar, setting the mood for this grooving single. The thumping bassline sends the band into a good funk as Carter’s lyrics fill the room. The band’s vibe, grooving along with one another as well as uplifting Carter’s lyrics, harken to a summer drive through Richmond with the windows rolled down. After shredding on a guitar solo with the bass driving behind it and the drums crashing down on cymbals and bass drum, Carter falls to the floor in exhaustion and finishes with a strum by his bassist. It’s a rollercoaster of a video that ends with fading feedback from the booming speakers.

The perfectly balanced audio by Scott Lane allows the listener to appreciate every piece within the band as well as the visual-inducing lyrics. Camera work by Craig Zirpolo, Daniel Bagby, Gabrielle Silvers, and Joey Wharton not only highlight each and every band member, but also fit seamlessly with the band’s general vibe, complete with smooth transitions, arcing pans, and even have fun with the angles once Carter begins his guitar solo. Editing by Daniel Bagby largely contributes to this excellent camera work.

A video like this for Minor Poet brings anticipation for future summer blasts. Not only does the instrumentation fit the Richmond vibe of long days, longer nights, and fun beats, but Carter’s vocals and surrounding harmonies puts the mind and ear at ease with his mellow sound, mixed with killer guitar solos.

Catch Minor Poet for their LP release show at Strange Matter on August 26 alongside Spooky Cool, Sammi Lanzetta, and Blush Face. Get the details here.

Jo Rozycki

Jo Rozycki

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