My Sober Story: Laura Mae Lucas

by | Dec 27, 2021

Laura Mae Lucas shares her journey in the first of our video series, “My Sober Story.” Laura is a powerlifter, strength coach, and is a six-years-sober powerhouse. During the filming of Laura’s interview, her candid honesty reduced four adult men in the room to tears. There were no dry eyes, and it was a beautiful moment to share. Certainly an experience that will bond people together. Having pride in watching some else’s potential blossom because of their choices and dedication is what a community does. We are so proud of her.

Interviews conducted by Ryan Kent
Direction and edit by R. Anthony Harris @majormajor_____
Camera by Joey Wharton @joey_wharton
Sound by John Reinhold @thereinholder
Additional edit by Todd Raviotta @naturalsciencetrav
Production by Wharton Major 2021

Ryan Kent

Ryan Kent

Ryan Kent is the author of the collections, Poems For Dead People, This Is Why I Am Insane, Hit Me When I'm Pretty, and Everything Is On Fire: Selected Poems 2014-2021. He has also co-authored the poetry collections, Tomorrow Ruined Today, and Some Of Us Love You (both with Brett Lloyd). His spoken word record, Dying Comes With Age, will be released by Rare Bird Books in 2022. Ryan is a staff writer for RVA Magazine and maintains a pack a day habit. (photo by D. Randall Blythe)

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