Noah-O heads to Germany for New Video ‘Last Man Standing’

by | Oct 18, 2017

One of Richmond’s hardest working hip hop artists, Noah-O, is never one to deliver anything ordinary whether it comes to lyrics, beats or visuals.The emcee has traveled to Munich, Germany to film his latest video for the song, “Last Man Standing”, the closing track for his newest album, Dirty Rice, which dropped in September. 

“Last Man Standing”, as well as the rest of the album, has Noah-O pairing with Gritty City Records’  MC Fan Ran making for a raw take on production.

The video was shot while the rapper was on tour and is a big jump in location than his previous video for Dirty Rice, “Too Official”, which was shot at Foo Dog. But it isn’t the first time he has stepped outside the box for his songs. On the track “I’m Around“, a song off Noah-O’s album The Rain, he took to Japan to set the scene for the song and to Detroit back in 2015 for his song “Trap”.  

The Charged Up Entertainment CEO’s video made use of the location for “Last Man Standing” to his advantage, using shots of the architecture and sculptures in Munich’s Maximilian Park. The video even ends with a shot of the Angel of Peace, which plays well with the message Noah-O is trying to spread.

According to the video, the song is a “testament to the mental endurance it takes to survive” and the rapper shows that through his lyricism.  “Only love can conquer hate” he raps, which in this world, is what it takes to be the “Last Man Standing”.

The video was shot and directed by YEN – Audijens, a rapper and videographer from the Munich area.


Malik Hall

Malik Hall

Malik Hall is a RVA native and received his Bachelors of Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Minor in Media Studies. Writing wasn't big on his radar until he took a science journalism class in college and since then he found it as a perfect outlet for himself. Skateboarding is his favorite hobby outside of his new found love for writing.

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