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by | Nov 20, 2009 | ART

Brien White is a visionary hyperrealist painter with a mercurial fluidity and reflectivity.

Brien White is a visionary hyperrealist painter with a mercurial fluidity and reflectivity. His paintings tend to gravitate towards Eastern religious iconography, and his figures take on a mirroring quality that suggests a universality of relevance. The auratic implications are simultaneously darkly esoteric and illuminating, and one gets the sense that the overemphasized clarity of image is the true representation of something otherworldly or supernatural, and not simply the product of a vivid imagination and prodigious technical skill. His is the stuff of strange nightmares that are sinister for our lack of understanding, not an inherent evilness, and he does a damn good job of capturing that experience.

See Brien’s webpage for additional information and digital works.

By S. Preston Duncan

Matt Ringer

Matt Ringer

A meat popsicle.

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