RMP 2015: Swiss Muralist Onur returns to RVA to blow our minds

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The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals.

The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals. Below is a profile of one of the RMP 2015 artists. Keep an eye out for the rest in the coming weeks, and make sure you come out for the RMP 2015 opening party July 18th 4-8pm at Sabai – 2727 West Broad st.

See a mural you like? put it on Instagram and tag us in it – then use the hashtag #RMP2015 and the person with the most murals tagged at the end of the festival will win an original piece of art by RMP Artists.


Painting: July 9th-16th
Location: 1601 W. Main Street

From Switzerland’s Solothurn canton, artist Onur Dinc grew up in Zuchwil with Turkish roots.

This photorealist artist left school once having completed his training as a painter which lead him into an apprenticeship as a theater painter in his home town. According to 5 Pointz, he “studied set-design for four years in Solothum and graphic design at the advertising agency FAVO for another three in Basel.”

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During 2007, he returned to theatre work in Lucerne and then worked for a year. Since 2008, he’s been working as an independent painter by freelancing and gaining the opportunities he can. In 2013, artist Wes21 and Onur collaborated on “a large-format work at the 5 Pointz Building in New York City, which gave him a huge publicity” according to Kirk-Gallery.

Onur has been making progress on getting his artwork really reach outside masses by collaborating with Wes21 on a mural in Portugal, Italy, Hungary, and in the U.S (New York City and Virginia). Just last year, he was in the city for the Richmond Mural Project where he worked on “Doom Loop” over by 501. E. Grace Street (top image) – Check out our interview with Onur and Wes21 here

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According to Artsper, Onur’s expertise lies in creating paintings that are photo-realistic and particularly in black and white. He prefers using a acrylic paint roller for most of his work along with using some brushes too.

His murals have a way of depicting how parts of our everyday lives have significant impact on how humans share many of the same fundamental feelings. It’s definitely noticeable that these works capture our modern ideas as a world society and it’s amazing how he shows “people… detached from their surroundings in the situations captured.”

It’s definitely to Onur’s benefit that he knows what to do to get most out of his ideas by using some coloring tips like the use of UV light sensitive paints or solvents that have “produced astonishing effects in his large-scale works.”

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“Onur employs an impressive play of color nuances. Pictures are painted in delineated spaces in a single color, while managing to retain a photorealistic character. Through the use of both matte and gloss mixes of the same tones, an image is created that only emerges in its full detailed splendor when hit by light in a certain way, flashing up as the viewer walks past, and revealing a mysterious outline when viewed from a distance,” according to Artsper.

He also credits a late Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler, and the contemporary Australian artist, Jeremy Geddess as his artist inspirations. Then there’s the artists that he’s surrounded by like Wes21, Schwarzmaler, Jörg Müller and Rodja Galli that are massive influences to his works also.

Onur is the first RMP 2015 artist to finish his mural, check it out 1601 W Main St, and keep an eye out for a new interview with him in the coming weeks.

Carola Rojas

Carola Rojas

Carola Rojas is a Bolivian citizen and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. She's an aspiring creative strategist and advocate for diversity inclusion. She can find inspiration wherever she goes and is fond of living life on the edge.

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