The Peedmont

The Peedmont is a Virginia-based independent news network that focuses on news and events around the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Originally formed by a group of colonists during the American Revolutionary War in 1779, we've since grown as a company to over 5,000 employees, multiple branches state-wide, and have proudly been awarded three Nobel Peace Prizes. We were there when the British burned Washington in 1814, when Lincoln addressed Gettysburg, and were among the first reporters onsite at Pearl Harbor. Our mission has always been to report on current events from around the glorious state of Virginia. We're here to bring you the most accurate reports from all necessary social, economic, and political standpoints, leaving no stones unturned in the process. The Peedmont strives to represent the finest in journalistic integrity, and we hope you look to us when the news breaks in your neck of the woods.

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