Jet Trails Music‘s Star Wars X-Mas Party 2, feat. Spooky Cool, The Milkstains, Tinnarose, Blush Face @ Hardywood

by | Dec 14, 2017 | EVENTS

I went to see Thor: Ragnarok the other night, and caught a really awesome trailer for The Last Jedi before the movie. I know it’s out today, but I must admit, I’ve been slacking on keeping up with the Star Wars franchise over the last few years. Those prequels in the late 90s definitely made me feel a bit burned, and I just haven’t bothered to check out any of the latest round. Jet Trails Music has never left me feeling burned, though, and they’ve been keeping up with Star Wars in a big way, as they prove with their second annual Star Wars-themed X-Mas Party on Saturday night! We promise it’ll be way better than the infamous late-70s Star Wars holiday special, too.

One big reason it’ll be better is the presence of Spooky Cool at the top of the bill. This band has simultaneously lit a fire under the local live music scene over the past couple of years and kept recorded versions of their songs relatively under wraps. They finally integrated the live and recorded worlds last month with the release of their Good Day RVA video for “Black Wine,” which shows the group’s simultaneous melodic prowess and tense, heavy undercurrent. All those guitar chugs at the beginning are particularly awesome, though the catchy, math-y breaks later on provide an intriguing contrast. Want a whole set of this? Of course you do, even if it’ll be like your 20th helping of such a thing. It’s the holidays–time to indulge!

If anything, the band listed just below Spooky Cool on the bill have to be seen as a co-headliner. The Milkstains have a long, rich history as part of the Virginia music scene, and their surf-grunge-punk hybrid sound is as killer as it’s ever been if this year’s release of Punch The Sky can be trusted. Wait, what? Of course it can! How can you deny the incredible pop hooks of “Young Scum”? The doom-twang portent of “High Plains Wizard”? The driving, jangly punk of “Shake”? You can’t! And you won’t be able to stand still while this band dishes it out live, with all the killer hooks and riffs of their studio recordings plus a heaping helping of wild, sweaty energy. The lineup is rounded out by Fairport Convention-influenced Austin folk-psych crew Tinnarose, and killer local popsters Blush Face. Plus, there will of course be many Star Wars-themed extras, including a costume contest, so get ready to have some fun!

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