“Let’s Get Better Together in Quarantine”: Side By Side’s LGBTQ Challenge

by | Oct 23, 2020 | GayRVA

Why not make use of this time in quarantine? That’s the question Side by Side, a LGBTQ youth non-profit, is posing to their community. The organization is challenging Richmond to engage in self-improvement, and to raise $30,000 in the process. 

The challenge began Oct. 11, on National Coming Out Day, and will continue until Friday, Nov. 13. “Let’s Get Better Together in Quarantine” is sponsored by Capital One and is a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for Side by Side and LGBTQ youth in Virginia. 

“We’re excited to create an engaging, socially-distant event that builds community,” Side by Side executive director Ted Lewis told RVAHub. “All the money raised will go to support LGBTQ+ youth living in Virginia.” 

The challenge is calling for participants to raise money while committing to self-betterment goals, beginning with an entry fee of $25. Side by Side is encouraging challengers to set goals for physical fitness, intellectual growth, home improvement, civic engagement, and artistic endeavors. 

Some examples of goals, provided by Side by Side on their website, include running or walking every day of the challenge, learning more about racial inequity and social justice, organizing closets, signing up to be a poll worker or to canvass voters, and learning 30 TikTok dances. 

Side by Side wants participants to share their goals and get their friends and families involved in the challenge, either by participating themselves or donating to their campaigns. 

During the 30 days of the challenge, Side by Side will be hosting virtual events on social media with local businesses or entertainment figures that have worked with the non-profit in the past. For the event’s participants, a local business will donate a prize to be won with a raffle. At the end of the challenge, Side by Side will give a “grand prize” to the individual or team that raised the most money for the cause. 

The funds raised by the challenge will go to LGBTQ youth in Virginia.

This project is a continuation of the mission of Side by Side, which “is dedicated to creating supportive communities where Virginia’s LGBTQ+ youth can define themselves, belong, and flourish.”

To donate or register for Side By Side’s LGBTQ Challenge, go to secure.frontstream.com/lgbtqchallenge.

Image via Side By Side/Facebook

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