Chandler, Los Malcriados, & Flight Club: Sound Check


Hello RVA! This weekend the city is going to be popped and packing with some big bills with bigger acts. It is prime time to see the incredibly diverse talent the city is currently providing, along with some exciting out of town acts thrown into the mix. My name is Griffin Smalley and I hope you can make it to one of these electric shows this weekend! Got a show coming up? Or maybe a new album? Hit me up at and get in contact.


Saturday July 6th, 2024
Richmond Music Hall

Heavy hitters are handling Richmond Music Hall on Saturday. One of Richmond’s biggest artists of recent years, Chandler, is headlining “WET HOT CHANDLER SUMMER.” They are fresh off of a major tour and excited for a hometown throwdown. Not only are we getting a live and lit local legend, this is an absolutely stacked and packed bill showcasing RVA’s obscene amount of hip hop talent. This is one you will definitely want to get your tickets in advance and be ready for some clean styles and royal beats. Music starts at 8 and will be going on for a while.

Chandler, Los Malcriados, & Flight Club_Sound Check_RVA Magazine 2024
Photo by Noah Peter

Los Malcriados, Marilyn, & Melanin Monroe

Friday July 5th, 2024
The Camel

“Is the Camel ready to get funky?” Los Malcriados are once again back at The Camel for another killer show in their legendary first friday residency. Fresh off of a performance at The Vault Studio, the group is ready for another night of handsome horns, sexy saxophones, and for you – lots of dancing. If you are part of the population that has not been baptized in the latin-funk glow of this group, see them now before they head for bigger stages. The residency shows always have an upbeat party atmosphere that will leave you out of breath and counting down the days till the first Friday of next month. These performances are going to go down in Richmond mythology and you want to be able to say “I got funky at Los Malcriados.”

If you are ready for a wild night you will be pleased to see that local drag icon Melanin Monroe. Providing always electric performances, she will be kicking the night off with high heels. Get there early with dollar bills ready. It is a great night for swaying bass lines and angelic/haunting voices; Marilyn will be serenading the sea before Los. Her newest single “IDK WHY” is freshly released and Marilyn will be fresh off a string of shows up north to promote it. 

Chandler, Los Malcriados, & Flight Club_Sound Check_RVA Magazine 2024

BARDOWN BREAKDOWN FEST 3 with Flight Club, Keep Flying, Sleave, Kings of the Wild Things, Outatime!, Seneca Burns, Followship and MooseCreek Park

Saturday July 6th, 2024
The Camel

Don’t you miss the Warped Tour? Saturday at the Camel will flood you with nostalgia with a bill absolutely packed to the gills. Get your fill of pop-punk, emo, punk, hardcore – whatever your drink of choice is, you’ll have a whole lot of fun with this nonstop dancing night. Groups from all over the east coast will be rocking it all evening, as well as locals (Flight Club, Keep Flying, Sleave, Followship) bookending the night. A little something for everyone and a whole lot for anyone. If you like guitars I sincerely hope you will be at this one. Be prepared for rockers like Flight Club, dancers like Keep Flying, bouncers like Sleave, heartbreakers like Kings of the Wild Things, and more!



Following an impressive few months of shows all over the east coast and even at the broadberry, local post-punkers Tentative Decisions have dropped “Stable.” The song is rhythmic and clever with the shockingly relatable tagline “I don’t know man I just work here.” Anyone who has lived more than a few hours should be able to relate and bob to this one.  Give it a spin and let yourself drift into the mesmerizing new tune. 


With an already incredibly deep sound, local duo Debrider just put out their first single earlier this week. “Dull Blades” is a hauntingly atmospheric tune with hands pulling from shoegaze and dream pop that lead the listener through a dark yet comforting tunnel.

Main photo by @lowkeyatim

Griffin Smalley

Griffin Smalley

My name is Griffin Strummer Smalley and naturally with that name I am a massive music fan. Primarily you can find me fronting local punk band Artschool! As a fresh 21 year old I am currently cutting my teeth in music, writing, and painting. Keep on living!

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