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As was previously mentioned, RVA post-hardcore quartet Brief Lives revamped their lineup and kicked things up a notch earlier this year with the addition of Valient Thorr’s Valient Himself on vocals. This month brings us the first recorded appearance of Brief Lives’ new lineup with the release of their new EP, VHS. The integration of a straightforward metal singer with a post-hardcore band that draws on late-80s DC bands like Fugazi or Shudder To Think for their musical inspiration continues to make way more sense than it seems like it should on paper.

Of the three songs from VHS available on Bandcamp, “Kipple” is a particular highlight; this longer, slower tune features lyrics that reference the impermanence of civilization and even life itself, and its melancholy tone compliments the ideas being put forth through the lyrics. The other two songs on the EP are standouts in their own way, their more upbeat rock n’ roll riffing offering opportunities for guitarist Chris Compton to rock out in his own inimitable fashion, while the rhythm section holds everything down with some tight, swinging grooves. Nod your head to all three of these jams:

Word has it that a cassette version of this EP exists, complete with a bonus track not available digitally. There are supposedly 120 copies of the physical version of VHS, including 20 on special red cassettes. However, where to order them online is a mystery to us as of right now, and Brief Lives don’t seem to have any upcoming gigs at which you can haunt the merch table. But keep up with Brief Lives on Facebook, and I have no doubt that as soon as these tapes are available for purchase, you’ll hear about it.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

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