Construction Begins on the 7,500-seat Riverside Amphitheater


Music enthusiasts and event-goers in Richmond, VA, have a reason to celebrate as Red Light Management and IMGoing Events announce the commencement of construction on a brand-new riverside amphitheater. The state-of-the-art venue, strategically situated on a 4-acre plot between Tredegar and the Kanawha Canal, promises to be a focal point of cultural and musical excellence.

Richmond riverside amphitheater 2023
Image courtesy of 3 North Architects

Expected to open its doors in spring 2025, the Richmond Amphitheater aims to host an impressive lineup of 25 to 35 major acts annually. But the venue’s ambitions don’t stop at live music. It will also serve as a community gathering place, offering space for a range of cultural and civic events including graduations and community gatherings. This multi-functional aspect of the amphitheater sets it apart as not just a center for entertainment, but also a hub for communal interaction.

Richmond riverside amphitheater 2023
Image courtesy of 3 North Architects

Drawing comparisons in size and scope to renowned venues like the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, TN, and the Live Oak Bank Pavilion in Wilmington, NC, the Richmond riverside amphitheater will accommodate up to 7,500 attendees. With the fencing for construction already going up this week, the venue’s development is off to a promising start.

Richmond riverside amphitheater 2023
Image courtesy of 3 North Architects

The project promises to enhance Richmond’s burgeoning reputation as a destination for arts and culture. As it is positioned along the riverside, the amphitheater also complements the city’s picturesque landscapes, aligning the natural beauty of the area with the cultural enrichments that the venue will offer. This will not only draw locals but is expected to be a significant draw for tourists as well.

Richmond riverside amphitheater 2023
Site of the Richmond Riverside Amphitheater

While the construction is in its early stages, anticipation is already building. Undoubtedly, the Richmond riverside amphitheater is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the city’s vibrant cultural scene, presenting new opportunities for live entertainment and community engagement.

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