Disco & Dancing With Cults & Mazmorra Brillante at Richmond Music Hall

by | Sep 30, 2022 | MUSIC

If you walked into Richmond Music Hall this past Sunday night, you may have been intrigued by the way the beautiful artists CULTS and Mazmorra Brillante transformed the space into an out-of-this-world romantic, soothing, and blissful experience. The whimsical stage set, crowd-pleasing playlist, and the smoky lowlight intimacy they created had fans lined up, excited to hear their beloved artists perform.

Opening the night, Mazmorra Brillante’s beautiful pop-techno set left the audience stunned by their aura, confidence, and talent. Lead singer Daniella Valdez made sure the crowd was having fun and were dancing continuously. Mazmorra Brillante’s entire performance felt like a neon daydream straight from a movie scene. The New York-based artist was truly so mesmerizing to watch. Photos of the performance, along with a few portraits I took of Daniella, can be found below.

Headlining the evening, the beloved CULTS put on such a show. Their alluring dream-like music, low-light intimate setting, and euphoric vocals were beyond gorgeous. The New York based indie pop band’s set was truly out of this world. Songs like “Always Forever,” “She Knows,” and “Gilded Lily” rang through the fall-kissed streets of Richmond. Couples shared special moments, people sang their hearts out, and everyone was captivated by CULTS’s magical talent.

More photos of the night below.


Mazmorra Brillante:

Portraits of Daniella Valdez:

All Photos by Lucienne Nghiem

Lucienne Nghiem

Lucienne Nghiem

Lucienne Nghiem is a published photographer, filmmaker, and designer based in Richmond, Virginia. Her work has been seen across the East Coast as official selections in festivals such as VHSL, the Virginia Film Festival, and the Poe Film Festival. As primarily a portrait and live event photographer, Lucienne loves working with people and the incredible electric buzz of energy that comes from photographing live shows. Along with photo/film, Lucienne's other interests lie in environmentalism, activism, and running a digital platform called Kinecttd, which is inclusive of showcasing work as well as a podcast, blog, and social media. She is one of many co youth leaders for the Environmental Youth Council of Virginia.

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