King Push Brought The ‘It’s Almost Dry Tour’ To Brown’s Island

by | Oct 24, 2022 | HIP HOP / RAP / TRAP, MUSIC

Veteran Virginia rapper Pusha T has been known as King Push for a while now, and he’s been proving exactly why he came by such a royal sobriquet in recent months as he returned to the spotlight with his latest solo album, It’s Almost Dry. Having started out as one half of the legendary hip hop duo Clipse, along with his brother No Malice, Pusha T’s been so productive and so consistent since that group ended that it’s fair to say he’s as well known for his solo work today as for his early work with Clipse — perhaps even more so. King Push’s latest release topped the Billboard chart earlier this year, and singles like “Diet Coke” and “Neck & Wrist,” featuring high profile guests like Jay-Z, Pharrell, Lil Uzi Vert, and his brother and longtime collaborator No Malice, have dominated the summer heat throughout the mid-Atlantic.

When King Push took the stage at Richmond’s Brown’s Island outdoor stage on Saturday night, courtesy of the Broadberry Entertainment Group, photographer Joe Jacoutot (@joephoto9) was on hand to capture the magic as it went down. We now present to you the visual evidence of just what an amazing night it was. Enjoy!


Words by Marilyn Drew Necci, Photos by Joe Jacoutot

Joe Jacoutot

Joe Jacoutot

Originally from NY, Joe has lived and worked in RVA since 2012. He started shooting concerts in 2019 as is currently the house photographer for The National and VACU Live!

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