Plan 9 to participate in Radiohead live stream Friday at 1 PM

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Radiohead is no stranger to quirky stunts to help promote their work, but for fans its what helps set them apart.

Radiohead is no stranger to quirky stunts to help promote their work, but for fans its what helps set them apart.

After the recent release of A Moon Shaped Pool the band embarked on a world-wide tour culminating with a number of US festival dates and stadium gigs.

For those of you about to see Radiohead, you’re in for a real treat. I’ve caught a number of their shows and they always manage to impress with tracks spanning their entire library.

But for the rest of us who couldn’t get tickets cause they sold out frustratingly fast, you have a chance to hear the band live (maybe?) at Plan 9 tomorrow at 1 PM as part of a listening party held at record stores around the globe.

“Live From A Moon Shaped Pool” starts at 1 PM and includes am audio stream “of material specifically curated by the band,” prizes, and one-offs you’ll only be able to snag during the event.

I’m hoping it’ll be an actual live show, the band has a history of internet-specific events like their 2007 New Years stream Scotch Mist which featured live performances of every song off their then-future release In Rainbows.

As a peaking Radiohead fan, it was significant and can now be viewed in its entirety online in all its standard-format glory:

Plan 9, located at 3017 W Cary in Carytown, announced the event in a Facebook post. Check the original text below:

We’ll be participating in a special Radiohead event this Friday called “Live From A Moon Shaped Pool” The day features an exclusive audio stream of material specifically curated by the band, as well as a unique broadcast of a Radiohead live performance. Artwork created by Stanley Donwood will be available for fans to take home (while supplies last).

Additionally, anyone that stops by can enter in a global contest to win:

• A figurine used in the making of “Burn The Witch”
• Screenprint of Stanley Donwood’s artwork from his “A Moon Shaped Pool” series
• 35mm celluloid print of the PTA directed video “Daydreaming” in a film canister

I hope a lot of other Radiohead nerds show up and we can talk about the new record and past released without being judged.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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