The ‘Second to None’ Richmond Music Compilation 2009

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Welcome to “RVA Second to None Compilation”, a striking collection of musical pieces that encapsulates the vibrant and diverse music scene of Richmond, Virginia in 2009. With a selection that spans a gamut of genres from punk to metal, folk to experimental, this compilation exhibits the veritable cornucopia of talent that called Richmond home.

  1. “Walk The Block” by Cloak & Dagger – A riveting punk rock piece with pulsating rhythms and razor-sharp guitar riffs that harken back to the raw energy of early punk.
  2. “This Will Tear You Apart!” by Lord By Fire – A thunderous metal track with blistering guitar solos and guttural vocals that lay bare the dark intensity of the metal underground.
  3. “Little Things” by Dead Goats – Combining bluesy rhythms with a rock sensibility, this track reflects on the everyday moments that shape our lives.
  4. “Catch Me If You Can” by Jonathan Vassar – A charming indie-folk number with poetic lyrics, whimsical melodies, and an authentic Americana spirit.
  5. “Drop And Give Me 50 GBs” by Onion – An experimental electronic odyssey, laden with quirky soundscapes and glitchy beats that push the boundaries of genre.
  6. “Mummified By Bongwater” by Cannabis Corpse – This death metal offering weaves a tale of smoke and sorcery with relentless drumming and monstrous guitar riffs.
  7. “Oh! Sweet Guilt Trip” by The Hotdamns – A rollicking alt-rock anthem replete with catchy hooks, slick guitar licks, and evocative lyrics.
  8. “Northern Plague” by Cough – Drowning in sludgy guitars and harrowing vocals, this doom metal piece creates an atmosphere that’s as bleak as it is captivating.
  9. “Leech” by Wasted Time – A no-holds-barred hardcore punk track, characterized by aggressive riffs and spitfire vocals.
  10. “Heart Attack Machine Vol. 1” by Prabir and The Substitutes – A lively rock ‘n’ roll jam that evokes nostalgia while bursting with contemporary freshness.
  11. “Calm Before The Shitstorm” by Inter Arma – An epic metal track that explores the tension and release with a mixture of thunderous drums, crushing guitars, and a haunting atmosphere.
  12. “Veritas Splendor” by One Friend – This alternative indie track delivers a poignant reflection on truth and beauty through resonant melodies and heartfelt vocals.
  13. “Jeopardage” by Microjoy – An ambient instrumental piece that fuses subtle electronic elements with a sense of wonder and experimentation.
  14. “Southbound” by Mason Dixon Disaster – A southern rock-infused piece, chock full of guitar-driven melodies and road-worn storytelling.
  15. “Who Are We To Say?” by Memorial – A post-hardcore anthem, balancing impassioned screams with melodic choruses that question identity and purpose.
  16. “Vital Joys” by Worn In Red – With an amalgamation of punk, hardcore, and rock, this track boasts ferocious riffs and reflective lyrics.
  17. “Affair With Education” by Mermaid Skeletons – A quirky indie-pop offering that engages in a playful dance between whimsical lyrics and colorful instrumentation.

“RVA Second to None Compilation” is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a snapshot of a community of artists with diverse influences and styles. The creativity that abounds in Richmond’s music scene is vividly encapsulated in this compilation, offering listeners a truly eclectic and energetic experience.

John Reinhold

John Reinhold

John Reinhold is currently CXO of Inkwell Ventures Inc. which owns and operates RVA Magazine and GayRVA. Also, he is a deejay with PLF, husband and father to a couple of great kids.

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