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Natasha Leggero
Live at Bimbo’s
(Comedy Central)

After years spent crafting her outstanding brand of comedy, Live at Bimbo’s is Natasha Leggero at her fiercest. Offering clever critiques of youth culture, the digital age, Tinder and Martin Lawrence, Leggero proves why she has dominated the world of comedy in 2015. This is a must listen for long-time fans and those who may be joining the party late. (SC)

Lobo Marino
We Hear The Ocean
(Bad Friend)

After a series of travel recordings, Lobo Marino returns with a proper full-length. We Hear The Ocean is a guideline for embracing the world and its sounds and making them into a smorgasbord of impressive compositions. They continue to amaze with each release; We Hear The Ocean is no different, with tracks like “Hari Om” and “Though The Others Pass You.” (SC)


Manatree Crowefest 14 from Todd Raviotta on Vimeo.

After years of playing everywhere in town, Richmond’s favorite math-meets-indie band, Manatree, finally releases their debut record, and it doesn’t disappoint by any means. Song after song perfectly showcases the band’s innate talent for finding and creating melodies across any genre and demonstrates their stunning musical maturity for a band still fresh out of high school. (DN)

Mutoid Man
(Sargent House)

Bleeder is the sound of three supremely skilled friends having an absolute blast: frenetic, yet exact musicianship is exhibited all over the album. Mutoid Man mixes thunderous punk/metal with near-prog shredding in a way that doesn’t feel overly indulgent or jarring. A mix of harsh vocals, Steve Brodsky’s signature Cave In croon, and heavy metal falsetto keep things fresh and exciting. (CE)

Ugly Cherries

Some amazing melodic punk/alt-rock from a duo with impressive songwriting chops. Tunes like “Dairy Queen” and the title track make a strong impression with simultaneous resemblances to Weezer, Green Day, and the arch math-pop-isms of No Knife. [PWR BTTM make] A delightful album–unabashedly queer lyrics (like a less pornographic Pansy Division) only sweeten the pot. (AN)

Jeremy D. Simmons
Pie In The Sky
(Low Blow)

Jeremy D. Simmons is one of the strongest musicians in town. On his debut solo album, he evokes a sonic piecemeal of sorts and the results are stellar. Pie In The Sky is the result of years crafting a musical identity beyond reimagining of influence. Simmons stands out as a unique voice in a city with a wealth of them. (SC)

Vince Staples
Summertime ’06
(ARTium/Def Jam)

A double album is an ambitious undertaking for any artist, especially for his or her label debut. That Staples has managed to complete such a project with minimal bloat is pretty amazing. ’06 charts a course to the rapper’s early teens, with Vinnie Stapes exhibiting plenty of personality, and a relaxed, yet agile flow to accompany the dark, imaginative production. (CE)

Stay In
Come Home Sidney, Kids Miss You

This mini release, their first outside of a collection of demos, is the best representation of RVA’s Stay In. In just two songs, Stay In reveal their penchant for emo jams from the past and show exactly how they could quickly win the hearts of fans of the genre. “Being Nice” is catchy, infectious pop gold. (SC)

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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