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There are so many things going on this weekend, but you may want to find yourself wandering to Bogart’s in the Fan on Cary Street on Saturday, 5/18. The Sounds of RVA Showcase @ Bogart’s begins its first installment this week, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Working with Britt Novitch at Bogart’s, Sounds of RVA culls the best of the best of Richmond bands and puts them together on one bill. This week, get your head ready for Boxwave:

If funk is your thing, Boxwave is right up your alley. Combining low end electric bass and cajon percussion, Boxwave mixes Brad Ellsworth’s infectious funk beats and bassist John Mustachio playing the whole of his bass, the high and low parts of the neck, strumming chords and using all kinds of other techniques. Check out this video from Big Meadow Sessions in 2011:

And if you’re not entirely convinced, perhaps this interview with Ellsworth in Modern Drummer will turn your head.

Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat defy genre, so it’s up to you to decide what they are. The band seems to pride itself on its eclectic style and its sometimes befuddling band descriptions. My description made the headline this time, as “chamber folk, Afrobeat, vocal harmonies and solid songwriting.” Check out the video from the band’s most recent stint at The National (opening for Lindsey Stirling). Also check out a standout track (“Shoot Me to Sleep”) from the band’s November 2012 release:

Finally, Starfish Prime will blow your minds with their jam-math-prog-loud rock vibe. The band has been a favorite of the blog for some time now, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them close out our evening. Check out this video from a recent show. Don’t worry, protective eyewear was in force:

To recap: Sounds of RVA Showcase @ Bogart’s in the Fan (1903 W. Cary St), featuring Boxwave, Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat, and Starfish Prime, Saturday, 5/18 @ 9 pm (doors), 21+, $5.

photo by Soul Live Media

Changing gears, there are a ton of good local tunes with which to crush your summer. First off, one of our favorite emcees, Chance Fischer, is back with another tight track called “Nightmares in a Frozen Hell.” The track was produced by Mr. Ivory Snow, and it’s a way for Fischer to deal with his depression. Part chopped and screwed and part R&B, the track is the perfect mix of chill and a heady rhythm.

Fischer has a video coming out called “The Intent” (supporting his current EP, The Preview EP: So Soleful) as well as an album dropping this summer called Wreath. Check out the preview video for “The Intent:”

Dry Spell

Diamond Hairbrush is a grunge garage rock band who released an album in February called Demo-licious. Featuring members of Dry Spell, Diamond Hairbrush is some grungey garage rock with monotone vocals. Fuzzy and distorted guitars propel the drugged-out acid punk, and the four tracks leave us wanting more.

Check out Diamond Hairbrush this Friday, 5/17 @ The Nile (309 N. Laurel St) with Fancytramp (Nashville glitter grunge) and The Milkstains.

Rob Milton is an R&B mastermind who has just released Developing, a 6-track album of sick beats and soulful melodies. Reminiscent of Lauryn Hill or D’Angelo (shoot, he’s also got a song called “Untitled”), Milton’s tracks rely on a heavy kick drum, R&B arrangements, and falsetto-to-modal vocals. The album opens with “Around,” a chillwave spin-off from Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged track, “Just Want You Around.” The track also features a call-and-response system with vocalist Jacque Hammond. Check out the title track, featuring kezia the poet, that feels like a Cee-Lo b-side.

Craig Zirpolo, the guy responsible for all those cool The Horn RVA videos, took part in a contest for making a music video for Navi‘s song “Cool.” (PJ Desutter’s video for “Cool” won the Audience Favorite Award, and Dane Ferguson’s “South Pine” won the contest.) Watch a bunch of hippies at the James River fight it out over the last beer. Taste the awesomeness as the victor chugs his victory beer while insane beats abound.

Check out The Horn RVA’s feature on Imaginary Sons, an up-and-coming band making the scene lately. You can catch Imaginary Sons also on Friday, 5/17 @ Cary St. Cafe (2631 W. Cary St) with The Northerners.

“DirteeSoulHop” is the new thing from Ohbliv on his release Ritual Swing. Chillwave, soul, loops, and funk take over on this R&B vehicle of awesomeness. These thirteen tracks of manipulated soul fused with sick beats will be your favorite summer sizzlers.

Bermuda Triangles played a show @ Banditos on Sunday, and Nic De Santis took a video of the set. Enjoy 30 minutes of noise rock and polyrhythmic hypnosis.

photo by

The Red Elvises stopped by Capital Ale House recently, and they took on traditional “Ukranian Dance #13.” Check out the dude’s comically-gigantic bass and the two babes on keyboards. Thanks to xgeckomanx for the clip.

photo by Jeremy Ledford

Boxer has a new split out with Eyes Wide and the three tracks are post-punk purity. Catch them this summer on tour with featherweight. The band will play in RVA on 5/31, venue TBA.

Check out the following blurbs:

Photosynthesizers on RVA Sessions by Jonathan Martin:

photo by PJ Sykes

White Laces play an unusual, intimate set @ Live @ Ipanema. Recorded by Allen Bergendahl. Listen here.

Daytona by Cadillac CAT. Check out “Kush.”

Something, by Bricey G:

“If Not, Winter” by Human Target (dark chamber folk):

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