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Duron Chavis: Celebrating 20 Years of Happily Natural Day and Pioneering Food and Land Justice in Black and Brown Communities

Duron Chavis has been a pivotal figure in community advocacy in Richmond for over two decades. His journey began in 2003 as a volunteer at the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of VA. It was there that his passion for sharing the stories of Black people grew, and with the support of elder activists, he founded Happily Natural Day – a...

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Duron Chavis, Happily Natural Festival

Noah Page, the First Transgender Candidate for Office in Henrico County, Brings Empathy, Original Ideas, and Passion for Hip Hop

Noah Page is the first transgender person to run for an office position in Henrico County, marking a historic moment. However, her candidacy should not be defined solely by her gender identity. Page is an individual with original ideas and a strong desire to aid others. Her unique background affords her a profound comprehension of how the...

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Noah Page by Kimberly Frost

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