The Hustle Season Podcast: Ep. 189 Reggae Drum Camp

by | Jun 15, 2021 | PODCASTS

RVA Magazine is proud to showcase The Hustle Season Podcast every weekend. Produced at La Cocina Studio in Richmond, VA; homegrown musicians Kelli StrawbridgeReggie PaceJames Seretis (La Cocina’s engineer) & Gabriel Santamaria bring their irreverent, outspoken and at times thoughtful opinions to the masses. Focusing on music, pop culture both locally, nationally, sometimes otherworldly – join in as the guys try to figure out what’s going on this week.

topics include Pauly Shore, What Ya Practicin’ segment, Roger “Muddy” Waters is a stick in the mud, Mike Myers is trying another comeback. Slaps include John Mayer, Billie Eyelash, Prince & The Marias.

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Kelli Strawbridge

Kelli Strawbridge

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